Tuesday , October 26 2021

World IPv6 Day: Evolution reaches a peak for IPv6 to take Centre stage – Experts

Although Nigerian usage of Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) remains poor, technological experts in Nigeria has said it is time for Internet Protocol Version 6 to take the Center stage.

This statement was made by the Chief Executive Officer, IXPN/Chair IPV6 Council of Nigeria, Mr Muhammed Rudman in Lagos at theDigital SENSE Forum Series 2018 in his presentation the theme: “IPv6: Broadening the Horizon in Nigeria”.
According to him, the evolution has reached a peak for Internet Protocol version Six (IPv6) to take the center stage.
However, he applauded DigitalSENSE efforts for the consistency in providing Internet stakeholders in Nigeria the platform to evolve and align with the global eco-system.
Hence DigitalSENSE efforts in using its Nigeria IPv6 Roundtable to galvanize stakeholders and industry experts did not come as a surprise to me, thus is worthy of an applause and commendation”.
According to him, Africa is the least in the world using the IPv4 address and Nigeria is really small compared to other countries.
Rudman said that every device connected to the Internet needs a unique number known as IP address issued by Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).
He listed IPv4 and IPv6 as the two types of IP addresses.
“Africa is far behind when it comes to IPv6, the whole world is moving to IPv6 and Nigeria has to move because it is still at seven per cent even with IPv4 and really lagging behind, he said.
Rudman said that there are challenges associated with the use of IPv6 in Nigeria, which range from lack of technical know-how and lack of IPv6 upstream service providers.
He said that the core, metro and edge equipment compatibility issues as well as non-request from end users are the challenges to IPv6 in Nigeria.
According to him, the way forward is to create awareness and capacity building as well as organizing seminars and trainings.
He added that possibly incorporating IPv6 into university curriculum is another way forward.
“IPv6 taskforce is to visit top service providers with IPv6 allocation but not yet activated. Provide some prolific incentives to Internet industry to encourage them to adopt IPv6 based structure. These incentives could include reduction fee in regulatory fee and tax rebate,” he said.
Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) was the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol and a widely used protocol in data communication over different kinds of networks.
IPv4 is a connection-less protocol used in packet-switched layer networks, such as Ethernet, while IPv6 is the version six which has more speed and enables more security in the network environment.

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