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Wix Payment Integration as Revenue Booster for Online Businesses

Wix Payment Integration as Revenue Booster for Online Businesses

As online transactions increase year-on-year, the need for businesses to retain customers, reduce cart abandonment and grow their revenue becomes paramount.
One solution for businesses looking to leverage payment to attract and retain customers is payment integration on Wix, a robust platform with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline online transactions and enhance the way businesses handle online payments.

The digital economy thrives on the ability to conduct transactions swiftly and securely. Hence, the ability to process payment seamlessly has become a necessity for every business that aims to provide excellent experience for its customer base. Any hiccup in the purchase process can lead to abandoned carts, lost revenue and diminished customer trust. Seamless payment processing ensures that customers can complete their purchases effortlessly, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

Overview of Payment Gateway Integration for Wix Stores

Wix integration delivers a feature-rich platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. It provides an array of functionalities designed to enhance the payment experience:

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design makes it easy for businesses to set up and manage their online payments.

Secure Transactions: Advanced security measures protect both businesses and customers from fraudulent activities.

Instant Payouts: Fast access to funds can significantly improve a business’s cash flow, allowing for better financial planning and stability.

Multiple Payment Options: Support for various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile money and other local payment systems.

Multi-Currency Support: This feature is crucial for businesses with a global customer base, allowing customers to pay in their preferred currency.

Global Reach: Ability to accept payments from customers worldwide, broadening the potential market for businesses.

Real-Time Analytics: Comprehensive reporting tools to track sales, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions.


How Integrating a Payment Gateway Addresses Common Pain Points for Wix Store Owners

Integrating a robust payment gateway, such as SeerBit into Wix effectively addresses several common pain points associated with online transactions. Some of these are:

Limited Payment Options:
Your online store most likely has a diverse range of customers and each person has their preferred payment method. Failure to provide their preferred option may lead to lost sales and cart abandonment. Over some time, this may lead to cash flow issues as revenues are affected. However, a payment gateway allows you to offer multiple payment options on your checkout page, reducing the possibility of lost sales and cart abandonment, and improving customer satisfaction, while allowing you to cater to and retain a broader customer base and potentially boosting your sales revenue.

Poor Checkout Experience:

A poor or complicated checkout experience is one of the major reasons why shoppers abandon their carts. People tend to exit the checkout page if payment is not seamless and straightforward. However, this is a problem you can’t handle on your own as a store owner. That is why you need a payment gateway integration. A payment gateway helps to optimize the checkout page, ensuring the experience is seamless for shoppers. By removing friction with features, such as one-click payments, customers can complete more of their purchases. This improves the customer experience with your business, leading to increased customer retention and sales, and fewer cart abandonments.

Payment Security:

Statistics show that 18% of shoppers do not complete their purchase because they don’t think their payment information is safe with the -ecommerce retailer. Security is clearly a major concern for both store owners and customers. Many shoppers don’t complete purchases due to fear of fraud and data breaches. The best way to win their trust and ensure their payment details are protected is by integrating a payment gateway into your store.  Payment gateways come with robust security features, such as PCI DSS compliance, SSL encryption, and other fraud prevention and detection tools, which keep customer data safe and build trust and confidence in your store.

International Payments:

It can be challenging for online stores to deal with international transactions, especially having to deal with issues, like currency conversion, regulatory compliance and international fees. However, by integrating a payment gateway, you get support for multi-currency transactions, without dealing with avoidable issues. This capability allows you to expand your business to a global market, increasing your client base and driving revenue growth.

Benefits of Integrating SeerBit Payment for Your Wix E-Commerce Store

The SeerBit payment gateway provides businesses of all sizes and across any industry with frictionless payment processing. For e-commerce businesses on Wix, this fast and seamless payment processing can lead to increased customer retention, revenue growth and reduced cart abandonment.

Here are specific ways SeerBit is beneficial to you as a Wix store owner:

Streamlined Payment Processing
Seerbit’s automated payment processing system helps to save time and minimizes errors due to manual intervention. Transactions are processed quickly and efficiently, ensuring your customers remain happy while improving cash flow for your business.

Cost efficiency

Seerbit’s competitive transaction fees reduce the overall cost of payment processing for your business, helping you save costs and ensuring you maximize your business profits.

Scalability and flexibility

We help your business grow and expand into multiple countries across Africa by helping you receive payments in multiple currencies. This leads to an increase in transaction volumes as your business scales, but we also scale with you, handling the higher transaction volume appropriately, while ensuring that payment performance is not compromised. Our intelligent routing system ensures each transaction goes through the best-performing processing route for higher success rates.

Analytics & Seamless Reconciliations

SeerBit allows you to view your payment analytics and reports across your channels on the dashboard. You get detailed reports that help you track sales, identify trends, and monitor sales performance. This insight allows you to make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategies, inventory management, and customer engagement.

In addition to addressing the common pain points that Wix store owners face, these are some of the benefits you’ll get by adding SeerBit as the payment gateway on your Wix store.  You can open a SeerBit account here.


How to Integrate SeerBit Payment to Your Wix Store

Here is a short walk-through video to guide you through the process of adding SeerBit as a payment gateway on your Wix store.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below:

  • Log into your website on your Wix account.
    On your dashboard, you will see a menu list on the left. Click on “Getting Paid” and from the drop-down list, click on “Connect & Setup”.
  • Click on the “Connect Payment Method” tab in the centre of your screen
  • Choose SeerBit from the list of payment gateways.
  • Connect SeerBit to your Wix store by following the on-screen instructions. This includes typing your public key and secret key and clicking on “Connect” at the bottom of the screen.  You can retrieve your public and secret keys from your SeerBit account dashboard under the Account Settings menu.
  • After connecting, configure your preferred payment settings, such as payment methods, accepted currencies, shipping options, etc.
    Test your integration to ensure everything is working perfectly before launching the payment gateway on your website.



Explore the power of payment gateway integration for your online store on Wix to improve payment processing and operational efficiency, while driving revenue growth for your business.

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