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Why Iwo City is Suitable, Secured To Established, Federal College of Education –UNESCO Laureate

UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has said that Iwo City in Osun State, Nigeria is very  secure and peaceful, good and condusive enough  for global  learning, Cultural exhibition, tourism sites, recreational Centres, most importantly  atmosphere  good for Federal Government to establish Federal College of Education.
The World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu disclosed this to our reporter recently in a press Statement made available to Newsmen by his personal Assistant on Media And Publicity, Sir Bieni Victor Emenike.
stated that right from  time when many ancient people took asylum at Iwo City in Osun State as one of the ancient city in Africa, then the City was  a peaceful traditional  capital state in Yorubaland.
He noted that the  First Obanla of Ijesa land Ogedengbe was amongst those that  took asylum in Iwo, also that  one of the  children of most popular Bashorun Gaa of old Oyo empire took asylum in Iwo for his safety after the death of their father, his major occupation then was  blacksmith during his time at Ile aroworeki compound.
In addition to the above, when  an Orangun of Ila- orangun had difficulty on the throne, it was Iwo City he took asylum and for which there is Ile-Orangun in Iwo from time immemorial till date, also that the Founder of Feesu was accommodated and became landlord in Iwo today after he left Inisa because of hospitality and generosity of Oluwo and his people by then, the same thing applied to Olukoyi compound  and Asape where some other them came from Oyo and other from Ilorin at Asape compound as well with many over 400 compound at Iwo Local government Central apart from other local governments under the stool of Oluwo of Iwo empire .
UNESCO Laureate added that  the same thing applied to people of offa family in Iwo, that  today the people  can also  traced their origin to offa  and many others as well, that  both Muslim and Christian missionaries even included  the ancient herbalist ( Babalawo), who married  the daughter of Oluwo by then where the name of “Iyawo” was derived from which meaning the  suffer of “Iwo” because of many temptations he had passed through before she became his wife finally.
In his words: “So many  ancient people took Iwo City as their second home right from ancient time till date, Samuel Johnson, writing towards the end of the 19th century in his History of the Yorubas, mentioned how an Alaafin who fell out of favour with his people went on exile to Iwo city and he refers to the city  as a metropolis in the district”.
“This account was corroborated by the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Belo in his book infaqu’l-maysur where he referred to where parrots were many which, up till today, serves as a cognomen for Iwo as ile Odidere (home for parrots). Clarke (1854-1858) mentioned his enjoyment of palatable and well-cooked dishes served to him by staunch Muslims during Ileya in Iwo. Muhammad Lamuye, a staunch Muslim reigned in Iwo 1816 to 1906 succeeded by generations of Muslim natural rulers as one of sign of accommodative and generosity”.
“No wonder they used to says that since there are many wars in Yoruba land there is nothing like war in Iwo land”.
“Iwo city is not a one-time wonder as the most populous city in the present Osun State. Indeed, going by the Nigerian population census of 1952 and that of 1963, Iwo was ranked as third behind Ibadan and Ogbomoso in the old Western Region including the present Edo and Delta States”.
“So, Iwo city is home of peace and very accommodative in history of Africa and the world at large”.
“Iwo city as a source of learning both for Islamic and western education Iwo city the home of Islamic the scholars of Yorubaland and diaspora (Gerri malami) such as present, President of Imams and league of alfas in Yoruba land, Edo State and Delta State, Sheik Muhammadu Bello Keulere of Ado Ekiti is an alumni of popular, Amin Arabic and Islamic training centre, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria ,current Imam of Oyo land, Sheikh Mas’ud Abdul Ganiy Adebayo Ajokidero also drank the water of knowledge from Iwo city and many others very important scholars as well”.
“Apart from Islamic knowledge Iwo city is a center for both western and Christian knowledge since from ancient time as popular Baptist College Iwo which became Bowen University Iwo today has produce many important scholars around the world”.
” By Traditional knowledge, Iwo City is  one of the first place that has been demonstrated the oracle of Yoruba (Ifa) in ancient time which is located at “Oke Oore” Oore hill at Odo-Ori area in Iwo city all herbalists (Babalawos ) known this, apart from this many people used to come over to Iwo city in ancient time because of parrot’s red feathers serves as a popularly called  Iwo as ”ile Odidere” (home for parrots). and other traditional materials and knowledge, no wonder the present Generalissimo of Yoruba land ( Aare- ona Kankanfo , Gani Adams ) referred to Iwo land  as an  ancient city  in Yoruba land also world record referred to Iwo as ancient city and source of knowledge in the popular Encyclopedia Britannica”.
“Tourism attraction centre in Iwo land : Oke Oore one of the first place on surface of earth that has been demonstrated the oracle of Yoruba (Ifa) which is located at “Oke Oore” Oore hill at Odo-Ori area in Iwo city with other mysterious stone , Igbo Olota (Mysterious forest): , Ogundigbaro (composition of mysterious stones) , Igi nla (Mysterious tree), water work Corporation where the miracle water was gushed out while Shiek Gbadamosi Akinlade was looking for water to perform  ablution just like Zam zam water in Mecca at Saudi Arabia, first Mosque in Yoruba land at Mogaji compound Iwo, Tombs of saints of first set of Muslims that they were came from Borno Empire, Mysterious staff of Obba river (opaga) that they were received from Jinn of Obba River at Igbo Olobba in Ogbomoso area to protect Iwo land because of war in old day, Obba river site, Osun river site at Oluponna, ancient palace inside Oluwo palace, with some other ancient materials and documents, Late Oba Paarin the first Oluwo at present Iwo location  and other Oba tombs, Igbo Orita site the first settlement before they were moved to present location, Ile Oloya site the first house they built in Iwo land, Popular Mama Rome tomb that was named after Baptist Church Oke Odo at  inside Bowen University at Iwo  because of her love for Iwo, she refused to die at Iwo, there are many ancient materials and books at Bowen University since 18 century where the foreign missionary were settled no wonder they used to say ( Aye loyinbo nje loke Oke Ile baba karounwi) that is “ European are enjoy their own life at Oke Odo home of Karounwi ‘s father because of special caring they were received from the King (Oluwo of Iwo Land ) by then  with many others tourism attraction sites as well”.
According to the World Acclaimed ICT Professor: “The letter conveying the approval of the location of the Federal College of Education in Iwo city contains a ring of truth and reasons behind the approval of a set of six Colleges of Education to cater for the zones that do not have such Institution is not enough as the City deserves one Federal College of Education from the Federal Government of Nigeria as an Ancient City”.
“I, UNESCO Laureate, World Acclaimed Distinguished Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu thank you, Your Excellency Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari as you graciously approved the establishment of six (6) new Colleges of Education across the six geopolitical zones to address the emergency education needs of the country particularly in the states where such federal institutions do not exist especially at ancient Iwo city, Osun State, Nigeria”.
He congratulated sons and friends of Iwoland for making the dream of the people come true, noting that the new college will contribute to the educational, economic and social development of the town, state and indeed the nation.
UNESCO Laureate, World Acclaimed ICT Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu then congratulated:  The Oluwo of Iwo Empire, His Imperial Majesty Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi and his over thirty-two traditional kings and chiefs under him at Iwo land ;
High Chief ,Dr Oluremi Atanda; High Chief  Barr.  Gbadegesin Adedeji; Sheik Yaquob Abdul-Baki Mohammed The Waziri of  Yoruba land ,Sheik Imran Adio Mogaji Imoru compound and Secretary General of Muslim community in Osun State, Aare Bamofin Aremu of Iwo Empire at Olokoobi compound, Chief Mrs CJ Aremu SAN, Prof Sir Akanfe Kolapo Ige, His Royal Majesty Oba Dr. Sheik Alh Sir Abdul yaqeen Bamiji Abdul Azeez ,The Akire of  ancient Ikire ile land , Oluwooke of  ancient of Iwo oke land , Onifin of  ancient Ikonifin land  , Chief Abiola Ogundokun, Alhaji Liad Tella, Mr Yunusa Amobi; the Executive Secretary, NEITI, Mr Waziri Adio; and Registrar of JAMB, Prof. Ishaq ,Justice Falola, Justice Akanbi.
“I, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu use this medium to  Congratulate some illustrious Sons and Daughters of Iwo Kingdom on elevation to higher positions in life which included amongst others are: Prof Rasaq Deremi Abubakre, Dr Asifa of both olokoobi land and olumodan, World Chartered Community Ambassador of the 21st Century, Mr Kabiru Adeniyi Kulukulu (FCA) and his team of Iwo Land Development Coalition, Our Chartered World Learned Fellow in the field of Engineering, Prof (High Chief )Oguntola Jelil Alamu who is first  Prime Minister of Youth in Iwo land , Alh Moshood Adeoti, Prof. Lai Olurode; Sen. Adelere Oriolowo; High Prince Adeyemi Tadese, High Prince Abdul Azeez Shamah,   Dr Amidu Raheem, the state Commissioner for Water Resources and Energy; Mr Adam Adedimeji;Hon Yinusa Amobi, Associate Professor Mahfouz Adedimeji, Isokan Muslim of Iwo land, Christian Association of Nigeria Iwo land branch, Association of Traditionalist of Iwo land, Alhaji Semiu Okanlawon, The Chairmen of Headquarters of the Local Governments of Iwo land in general such as  Iwo (Central), Iwo; Aiyedire, Ile Ogbo of Iwo land ; and Ola-Oluwa, Bode-Osi of Iwo land and others as well, I love you all and congratulates you for the success of the Iwo empire the home global citadel of learning, peace, love, pious people, religious, creativity, culture and tourism attractions”,  UNESCO Laureate, World Acclaimed Distinguished Teaching and Research ICT Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu stated.

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