Monday , March 27 2023
Twitter: Makinde, Sanwo-Olu Urge FG to Review Suspension

Twitter: Makinde, Sanwo-Olu Urge FG to Review Suspension

In reaction to Federal Government suspension of the social media and microblogging platform, Twitter Operations in Nigeria, some governors has pleaded for the suspension to be reversed.

The move, according them was taken after critical observation at the situation and its aftermath effect.

On his part, the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu has urged the Federal Government to review its decision on the suspension of Twitter operations in the country.

Speaking in Lagos on Monday, Sanwo-Olu said the issue can be handled a lot better considering the number of e-commerce firms and youths that are engaging in digital stuff.

While not condemning the federal government’s stance since it may have some security information which he does not have, Sanwo-0lu said “what I see is that, on both sides, there are issues that can be resolved.”

“I believe there should be a lot of restraint and better management from both sides. I’ll plead that both sides come together in the next one or two days and resolve this. We should not politicise this issue.

“ People are losing money and economies are being destroyed, but there are also security issues. I am ready to give quality advice on what needs to be done if I’m called upon.

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“So, in this period of suspension, let us sit and have a conversation. Had it been Twitter has an office in Nigeria, issues would have been resolved a lot quicker. In other climes, Twitter signs agreements on the rule of engagement. I don’t think that has happened here,” the governor said.

In his words, the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde said in a statement regarding the suspension of Twitter’s operations in Nigeria by FG, “as leaders, we should go beyond emotional reactions to issues and think about how our actions will affect the people we lead and our international ratings socially and economically”.

He highlighted that Twitter has become the platform for young people and indeed all Nigerians to exercise their fundamental right to express and publish an opinion.

According to him, “they use the platform to complain, argue and give feedback to government and its agencies who in turn, use these to improve policies. This is a fundamental point that should be kept in mind as we debate the necessity of this suspension.

“We should also remember that Twitter has gone beyond a source of communication for many of our hardworking youths in Nigeria. It has become a source of livelihood for many, irrespective of their political affiliations or religious leanings.

“Nigerian youths and digital communications organisations earn a living from being able to use the platform to post communications on behalf of their clients.

“Others who may not have physical stores also rely on Twitter to give visibility to their products and services.

“Furthermore, I believe the Federal Government should be actively interested in how certain policies and action will affect investor confidence.

“I, therefore, use this medium to appeal to the Federal Government to reverse this suspension for the greater good of Nigerians”, he noted.


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