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Top 8 Technologies that will Change the Future of Smartphone Industry

Top 8 Technologies that will Change the Future of Smartphone Industry

The evolving innovations and the increased adoption of smartphone devices have led to the remarkable growth of the smartphone industry over the years. Smartphones have now become an essential part of our daily lives, their uses and interactions. Tech experts also believe the industry’s top players are just getting started. 

Below are some of the top technologies that will shape the smartphone industry in the years to come.

Satellite Connectivity

Imagine being able to send and receive messages anywhere on Earth, even without a cellular network. That’s what satellite connectivity promises to deliver. Several smartphone makers, such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei have already introduced devices that can connect to satellites for emergency purposes, but some are going a step further and enabling two-way SMS messages. This means you can stay in touch with your loved ones, access vital information, and get help when you need it most, no matter where you are.

Holographic Displays

One possible feature that may come to smartphones in the near future is the integration of holographic displays and accessories. This technology would allow users to view and interact with 3D holographic images, opening up new possibilities for gaming, education and entertainment that could potentially be used for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Solid-State Batteries

One of the biggest challenges of smartphone users is battery life. No one likes running out of juice or having to charge their phone frequently. That’s why solid-state batteries are so exciting. Unlike conventional lithium-ion batteries that use liquid electrolyte solutions, solid-state batteries use a solid electrolyte. This means they can pack more energy in less space, resulting in longer battery life and faster charging times. Solid-state batteries are also safer and more stable than lithium-ion batteries, reducing the risk of overheating or exploding.

Universal Wireless Charging

To the best of my knowledge, wireless charging is the most practical future feature smartphone industry will experience. With the growing popularity of the Qi standard, it is now possible to buy wireless charging pucks and stands that are compatible with every phone that has this functionality built-in. It’s an optional extra that may be installed on certain models via a wireless charging adapter or a charging case.

Improved AI and ML Capabilities

One feature that has the potential to become more common in smartphones in the near future is improved artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Smartphones are already able to perform a wide range of tasks using AI, such as language translation, image and voice recognition, and predictive text input. However, there is still room for improvement and further development in this area.

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Flexible Displays

What if you could fold, bend, or twist your smartphone screen without breaking it? That’s what flexible displays offer. OLED displays are used for creating flexible screens that can adapt to different shapes and sizes. Smartphones with flexible displays can transform from compact smartphones to larger tablets, giving you more versatility and functionality. You can also enjoy better durability, lighter weight, and more multitasking options with flexible phones

More 5G-Enabled Connectivity and Functionality

Have you ever been to a large event and been unable to get a cell connection? Forget about posting that Snapchat. In 2021, one of the biggest phone-related developments was 5G. To this point, it has not been fully utilized. As cell towers are transitioned to 5G, connectivity will be available where it never was before. With that, smartphone industry applications will evolve to deliver previously impossible features

The Rise of Superapps

Superapps are expected to be a big part of the future of apps. A superapp can be a self-contained online platform that encompasses multiple facets of commercial and personal life, including financial and payment transactions. They are likely to lead to a more efficient world where people can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time exploring new opportunities

Recent years have brought innovations to smartphones ranging from top-quality cameras to the latest biometric identification capabilities.

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