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The story of Adeyemi Shanuolu the 19 year old Nigerian midfield Sensation Redefining Football in Asia

Adeyemi Shanuolu is a Nigerian born footballer who is currently dominating headline in Malaysia where he plies his trade. In this interview, the 19 year old midfield maestro discusses his playing career, his role model and why he will choose Nigeria ahead of Malaysia. Excerpt:

Briefly, who’s Adeyemi Shanuolu?

Adeyemi Shanuolu is a professional footballer. I’m currently playing for Mahsa Football club in the Malaysia League.

When did you move out of Nigeria?

I moved out of the country in 2015.

How long have you been playing abroad?

I started playing five years ago but started professionally three years ago.

What is the name of your present team?

Mahsa Football Club

Which and what are the names of your previous club?

I played for Sentul Fc in 2017 in which we represented Kuala Lumpur FA at the Pinang cup.

At the Pinang Cup, We were the 2nd runner up. After an excellent year at the end of Pinang cup, I joined AXIS 02 from Sentul.

In year 2018/2019, I played for AMPM FC at Johor Liga. We were runners up at the final as well. This period was a big and amazing step in my career.

Adeyemi in action for AMPM FC

We were the 1st Runner up I played all games except the first two games I missed and the last league match.

 In 2019, I joined the MAHSA FOOTBALL CLUB as the team attacking and creative midfielder. I got signed by this team because of the excellent performance I have exhibited which they were able to track. I am enjoying my time here and it’s the best time of my Football because we are the current champions.

You recently won the league title, kindly tell us the impact you made in the title-winning team?

Yeah, We are the champions of Malaysian M4 league.

I joined the team two games into the season. I play at the centre of the field, I am the creative midfielder.

I played in all except two of all the league games.

I am very important in the field of play and with my impact, I scored 11 goals and provided 13 assists in 21 matches.

We were crowned champions in November this year.

Adeyemi 2nd from right

What is your next target?

My next target and plan are to move to Europe this coming 2020 by God’s Grace.

I feel I have tried in Asia and build up a profile which ended well with my team having a good connection with the Borussia Dortmund.

It’s a big step up and I believe this will further make me use my talent to the delight of the people.

Nigeria or Malaysia, which country will you prefer to represent?

Nigeria, of course, my nationality, I love my country and am proud to be a Naija.

I hope to wear the green and white jersey soon, I want Nigerians to see my talent while I also give my best for my country.

Which footballer is your role model?

My role model is Arjen Robben. This is because I love the way he uses his left foot easily. I am actually a left-footer as well, and an attacking midfielder and I like to learn some easy aspect from him.

Thou there are lots of good players to watch now in the game of football, but Robben is my idol.

You recently had engagement with Borussia Dortmund of Germany, what can you tell us about this deal?

It’s good when you are being recognised as a result of your performance and quality. The team got linked up with Borrusia Dortmund. The German club partnered with our team for player-linkup and possible transfer to BvB. Borussia agents are in connection with us and will at the end of each season make a recommendation on the player to move over to BvB. This is a great deal and we believe it will have a good impact on the team and will also help our career growth.

How can you describe your experience so far?

Amazing!! I have an amazing experience of 5 years in Asian Football I will say alhamdulilahi.

What is your vision and career goal?

Wow, my vision and career goal is to play across Europe and make an amazing impact in the world of Football as an African. I want to play in Spain, Germany and in the English league.

Football is life, football is joy, football is happiness and Football is what makes me happy.

So it’s the grace of God doing what you love doing most to make an earning because lots of talents are in the home country and you just have to thank God for everyday life and opportunity.

What is your view on the current Super Eagles?

My view on the current Super eagles is good. The team is getting to shape more and more than the last World Cup. We always want to play 4:3:3 formation which is Nigerian regular formation.

We have always gotten good attackers but we have been willing to have good wingers and good attacking midfielders and most especially we needed the best of subs, I won’t say sub but we don’t always have a standby player that can make changes and can study game easily which is the major issue I see with the team.

But with the current situation, it’s getting fine and good than every previous games with the likes of Chukweze and other new talented players. There is an edge and I believe eagles will fly better.

In the recently released FIFA ranking, Nigeria is ranked 31st in the world. Do you think Gernot Rohr is finally setting the team on track and do you think his contract should be renewed?

I do think and I believe that coach Rohr should still be assigned as the coach. This is because he’s working very tactically and his giving the new young players a chance and opportunity to prove themselves which is working out well. With the view of things, He will make the Nigerians proud.

Which European team suits your pattern of playing?

I would love to play in Barcelona but when it comes to my pattern of play then I would love to play for PSG. I love French and I want to play there for my late mom. She wanted me to be in France someday.

Advise for young players who are trying to climb the ladder?

They should be focused and work hard, there’s no smooth road to success but with handiwork and determination, they will surely make their names count.

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