Wednesday , December 1 2021

Task Systems Bridges Budget Constraints Gap for Businesses with Technology-as-a-Service

Despite the harsh business climate occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic and attendant lockdown which have drastically shrunk expenditure on tech-related projects for many corporate organizations, foremost ICT solutions company, Task Systems Ltd. has disclosed that businesses can still carry out major rollouts without worrying about the associated huge outlay through a revolutionary enterprise solution known as Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS).

Equally important, Technology-as-a-Service is a cutting-edge, comprehensive and flexible solution that has gained prominence the world over for its useful benefits to businesses.

The solution represents one of many through which Task Systems Ltd. is repositioning businesses in the private and public sector for a post COVID-19 world marked by significant upheavals in the marketplace.

Specifically, the solution bundles hardware, software and services into a single subscription price. Furthermore, customers or businesses that subscribe to the service can scale up or down throughout the course of their subscription term – allowing them to adjust to changing business conditions.
Most importantly, it saves businesses the uncomfortable scenario of stumping up huge budgetary outlay or scarce resources for upfront payment when deploying technology infrastructure or projects.

In addition to delivering specialized services that help drive productivity and reduce costs, the solution offers technology on demand, access to the latest technology and employee experience, unburdens the subscriber’s IT unit and day-to-day management, thereby affording them the leeway to focus on more impactful projects and tasks within the organization.

This is in addition to ushering in the much-needed flexibility to scale or remove technology hardware or software according to demands.
Stanley Okpalaeke, Managing Director, Task Systems Ltd. insists that the solution presents a useful and cost-effective way for businesses to ramp up efficiency.

‘‘The beauty of Technology-as-a-Service lies in the fact that it is not only scalable and customizable to the exact needs of individual organizations but also in the fact that it is a sure-fire way of saving costs without sacrificing efficiency.

‘‘Today, forward-thinking businesses the world over are leaving behind the traditional model of buying and storing huge technology assets that may become redundant as the organization outgrows them.

Instead, with Technology-as-a-Service, you benefit from real-time access to cutting-edge technology resources that are in line with your current needs.

‘‘Even more critical is the current reality of the difficulties in the business climate which have encumbered corporate organizations here in Nigeria and the world at large, leading to many being unable to carry out essential projects due to the huge outlay involved.

Through this solution, subscribers can carry on business as usual without worrying about this particular pain-point.

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Indeed, the structured, flexible payment option which represents a major feature of Technology-as-a-Service means that costs for major projects can be split over a number of annual budgets, thus rendering the financial involvement negligible and freeing up scarce resources that can be channelled elsewhere,’’ he concluded.

Founded in 1987, Task Systems Ltd. commenced business in 1989 and for over 31 years, has remained in the forefront of the ICT solutions space as an industry leader, with the company responsible for the implementation of various ICT projects in the Oil & Gas, Financial, Telecoms, Manufacturing and Public sectors

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