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Samsung’s Eyeing LG’s 5G Patent Portfolio after its Demise from Mobile

Samsung’s Eyeing LG’s 5G Patent Portfolio after its Demise from Mobile

Samsung Electronics is reportedly looking at LG’s 5G patent portfolio with interest following LG’s retreat from the mobile market earlier this year. Samsung as well as a lot of NPEs (non-practicing entities) are reportedly considering buying LG Electronics’ 5G patents, though Samsung might be looking at alternative ways in which it can secure these 5G technologies.

LG has retired from the mobile market but the company still owns a lot of valuable patents for both LTE and 5G technologies. Last year, LG was the world’s third-largest patent holder for 5G technologies after Nokia and Samsung. According to sources, LG’s patent portfolio covering both LTE and 5G technologies is worth anywhere between 1 and 1.5 trillion won ($900 – $1.3 million).

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Some NPEs are reportedly looking at LG’s portfolio with intentions of buying the company’s 5G patents. This makes sense for NPEs because it’s their usual M.O. NPEs hold on to patents and sell licensing agreements for profit, but they don’t intend on using the patented technologies for their own products.

As for Samsung Electronics, the company might be thinking of doing the exact opposite. Samsung might be looking to tap into LG’s rich 5G patent portfolio through licensing agreements rather than acquisitions, according to anonymous industry sources cited by The Korea Times.

Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed any of this though, so we’ll have to wait and see if the company does indeed have any interest in LG’s 5G patented technologies.


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