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Salary Increase: UNESCO Laureate Makes Case for Lecturers In Higher Institutions

…States reasons FG should consider lecturers

UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to increase the Salary of Lecturers teaching in the various Higher Institutions of learning in the country, while stating that no Nation can grow beyond its value for Education.

UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu disclosed this to our reporter while reacting to his Communication with Prof. Abiodun, Amuda-Kannike, SAN, FCE, FCIAP on while Lecturers, Professors deserved the best in Nigeria or any parts of the globe in terms of salary increase or lucrative payment from both States and Federal Government as the most read people in the World today.

In his words, the UNESCO Laureate, Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu said: “On Salary for Lecturers After IPPIS DEDUCTIONS: Take home. PhD LII is #130,000. PhD LI is #163,000 plus min. 3 years post PhD. Senior Lecturer #235,000 plus min. 6years post PhD. Professor #345,000 plus min. 10 years post PhD. Senior Professor #423,000…Minimum of 3years gap with hard work even many spend as high as 5years b4 u can move up d ladder of promotions”.

“From these peanuts of a pay; They teach a crowd for a class. They supervise multitudes. They attend conferences from their pockets. They attend seminars from this peanuts. They write and publish articles in reputable journals (enquire the cost of publishing), and amongst others”.

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“”They undergo rigorous stress to carry out research. They spend minimum of 4 years in BSc. They spend minimum of 2 years in MSc. They spend minimum of 3 years in PhD (in Nigeria is near impossible they even spend upto 5 years and above). Consider their rigours, the pain, the emotional trauma, physical drain, brain drain, intellectual drain they go through just to be qualified for their job specification…I think our Lecturers work like elephants and earn like ants, they deserve a better pay or renumeration”.

In terms of welfare:
“You know that 50% of your lecturers don’t have good offices, the ones that have no furnitures. Most Lecturers lack good working environment. Most lecturers handle/teach a crowd of students yet they still try to deliver lectures in such environment (instead of the normal 30-50 students class size).Most Lecturers supervise projects at their expense”.

“You want his best yet you deny him the best. When you compare this salary with those of other Federal Govt agencies it’s very very ridiculous. If you compare it with Universities abroad then Nigeria salary scale for lecturers is infinitesimally small”.

“I have friends that earn more than a senior lecturer and doesn’t have PhD, so it’s impoverish to be a lecturer in Nigerian Universities…. the thieves in government with just secondary school certificates earns way higher than a professor so what we saying…Before you criticise the Lecturers, first put yourself in his shoes. Could you have studied to PhD just to earn #130,000? Could you have invested the better part of your life upto Prof just to earn #345,000?”.

“Think! They may not have been the best they should yet they are among the best in the world especially if they are giving the right environment to practice. Is it too much to demand for the revitalization of the universities infrastructure? Is it too much to ask for their earned academic allowances? Is it too much to ask for offices for staff? Is it too much to ask that more lecture venues be constructed for students? Is it too much to ask for good laboratories for practicals?”.

“Is it too much to ask for their rightful wages? Is it too much to ask for the upgrade of our universities? Is it too much to ask for our university system to be sustained and handed to our unborn children better than it is today? Before you criticise ASUU/Lecturers think. Except you are happy with the state of the university system. If things continue like they are today just be rest assured that one day there may be no schools no universities for our yet to be born children”.

“If this continues one day there maybe no universities for the common man’s children one day education maybe only for the elite class. This is the future ASUU is preventing so our children can enjoy better and affordable University education we never had”.

“Let’s support the course to a better education in our country rather than join forces with our oppressors to fight the only body trying to protect the extinction of our education.Support ASUU to hand a better universities to our children than we met it”.

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