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Rubyplus Founder advocates for solid Parent-Child Relationship to curb Child Abuse

The founder of Rubyplus Africa, Mrs Jacqueline Emmanuel has advocated for a solid Parent-Child Relationship so as to curb the menace that is fast destroying the moral standard of African teenagers.

This call was made in her opening speech at the second edition of the Teen Development Summit 2019 organised by Rubyplus Africa themed “The African Teenager; an Endangered specie” held in Lagos.

According to her, current global dynamics have made it imperative for African teenagers to be given greater attention as the task of salvaging Africa’s heritage rest largely on the orientation and qualities we imbibe in them.

In her words, “over the years, we have seen the world worry about endangered animals species such as Black and White Rhinos, Gorillas, Elephants and so on. I have also observed that laws have been put in place to secure the continued existence of the endangered species, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said about our teenagers”.

Jacqueline however stated that this year summit sought to tackle some of the major problems such as drug abuse, teen pregnancy, teen prostitution and cyber crime threatening their existence as productive teenagers of Africa.

She also posited that while majority of the issues may not be the teenagers faults, they could impede the development of the future of a great continent we all dream of.

“African teenagers need to be part of the shaking and shaping the life of that future today.

African teenagers deserve to be heard as they make up a great percentage of the African Youth Population”, she noted.

Jacqueline also noted that the summit tend to provide a platform that gives voice to African teenagers.

Speaking further, she said as an important integral part of the society, the should be taken for granted.

For their voices to be heard, Jacqueline clearly expressed that the government have important roles to play in this aspect.

On his part, Hon. Babatunde Gbadamosi  while addressing the teenagers decried the rate of the deteriorating moral standard and creative thinking of African teenagers today.

According to him, “Although the present generation has failed, the teens generation should properly prepare to impact the world positivity.

“Our own generation has failed and on their behalf I apologize. You need to understand that the baton would be passed to your generation, therefore the right time to start preparing for the future is now”, he addressed.

However, Gbadamosi encouraged them not to be distracted with social media and the current flashing things.

In addition, another expert named Mr Abayomi Rotimi told BusinessRemarks stated the African teenagers fall victim of drugs abuse, teen prostitution, cybercrime and the rest because they are being influenced by what they hear and see from the celebrity.

“They fall victim partly because of the heartrending contents they consume from our entertainment sector.

“These wrong content subconsciously gives wrong suggestion to their mindsets and thoughts”, he noted.

Rubyplus Africa is an initiative of E-Jay Prime Atlantic Limited whose main focus and goal is to champion the course of African teenagers.

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