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NITDA Decries Huge Capital Flight in Nigeria Education Sector

…mulls sponsoring youths in Nigerian Universities

The negative impact capital flight in the country’s education sector plays in equipping Nigerian students with the right IT skills has become worrisome to the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA).

Decrying the state, the NITDA Director General, Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi averred that, while studying abroad is good, the wave of students going abroad to study constitutes magnificent backward movement for Nigeria, as it drains the system of funds and creates a dichotomy between the generations of Nigerian students.

The DG stressed that it is time for Nigerians studying abroad to consider looking back at their own country for furthering education, according to him, huge amount of money is being spent annually in foreign shores while there are Universities in Nigeria that offer same courses.

Speaking with the Vice Chancellor of Nile University, Professor OsmanNuri Das who paid a courtesy visit, Inuwa disapproved the skill gaps the situation resulted into.

He said, “In my opinion, I see no reason why we spent our money to study outside our country while we have institutions that offer same courses in Nigeria.

“According to statistics, Nigerians spend 500 million US Dollars annually to study in the United State of America.

“Imagine if these funds were invested in the nation’s educational sector, a lot could have been achieved,” he lamented.

In his reaction, Inuwa said,“I don’t think it is good for local and international universities who invest hugely to the development of educational sector.

“For instance, NITDA sent some Nigerians on scholarship programme to Turkey, some of them are even complaining because of the language barrier.

“In Nigeria, we have Nile University which is owned by Turkish, I believe it is for the benefit of us all to consider enrolling them here,” he said.

However, Inuwa stressed that, “We need to come together and form a framework to continue our collaboration with Nile University.

The NITDA Boss also gave a hint on the importance of introducing extensive Information Technology courses in Nigerian Universities.

“We can nurture our students here by introducing courses about Emerging Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing to further strengthen Nigeria’s journey to achieving Digital Economy.”

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In the area of Capacity Building among students, Kashifu Inuwa reiterated his commitment in training both the under and post graduate students especially in emerging technologies.

He disclosed NITDA is currently building a Centre in Wuye District, Abuja, which is almost completed and it will be dedicated to Nigerian students crazy ideas to harness, innovate and incubate their ideas in order to grow the country’s economy through digital technology.

According to him, the Agency is considering sponsoring Nigerian Youths to further their education in Universities reside in Nigeria, adding that Nigerian students who travel out of country to study should stay at homeland to master their academic career.

In his remarks, Professor OsmanNuri Das, vice chancellor, Nile University, thanked the Director General for his continued support especially in the area of scholarship.

The Vice Chancellor pleaded with NITDA boss to consider renewing and possibly increasing number of students sponsored by the Agency currently undergoing Masters and PhD studies.

“We are here to thank you for all the support you have been given to us. Over the years NITDA remains one of our truest collaborative organisations. We have achieved a lot, and we want to achieve more,” the VC said.

He also assured the DG his total commitment in introducing courses on emerging technologies and artificial intelligence that can be taught in Nigerian Universities.

“Though we have been giving special treatment to our students particularly in IT related course, I assure you Nile University will do its best in actualising this education dream.

“It will interest you to know that no post graduate student leaves Nile without developing software application or portal that can impact on the society. It is our norm to put things in practice after learning basic theory of its aspect”, he added.


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