Friday , October 22 2021

NIPOST sets to breeds 5 new Companies- Minister

As part of effort to harness the benefit of technology in Nation building
and to ensure technology transformation in all the sector of the economy,
Nigerian postal service (NIPOST) is set to establish five new technological
According to the Minister of Communication, Engr, Adebayo Shittu, NIPOST is
set to experience a shift from the traditional way of doing things to a
more advanced ICT building approach where organizations and government are
forced to use technology to shape their activities.
The announcement was made at the ICT Expo Africa- India Summit held
recently in Lagos.
“NIPOST is known to be involved only in the transmission of letters and
postal materials across the country. In a bid to reform this industry with
technological advancement, NIPOST is coming up with a lot of revolutionary
“Five Companies will be springing out of NIPOST”, Shittu disclosed.
Shittu noted that the companies include NIPOST Banking and Insurance
Company, NIPOST Property and Development Company, NIPOST Transport and
Logistics Company, NIPOST e-Commerce Services Company, NIPOST e- Government
Services Company and will aim at bridging a lot of gaps in the country’s
Speaking further, he stated that NIPOST Banking and Insurance Company aim
is to replicate the rural banking services.
“It is alarming to know that as of today most local governments don’t have
banking services within their domain. This means the residents there are
financially excluded from financial inclusiveness. This makes up the
numbers of over 40 million Nigerians that are financially excluded.
“NIPOST Property and Development Company will ensure that all NIPOST extra
lands scattered all over the country is properly leased out to private
sector to develop for commercial purposes.
“NIPOST Transport and Logistics Company will also facilitate the
commercialization of NIPOST fleets of vehicles. These vehicles have been
lying idle for a long time since postal services in Nigeria has not been
functional as it used to.
“NIPOST e-Commerce Services Company will help address the challenges
e-commerce industries are currently facing.
“Everyone knows about NIPOST and its strength of network into the interior
of the country. No other Nigeria company has that strength of network. With
good online services, NIPOST e-commerce Service Company will focus on
addressing the trust issue, safer movement of goods and facilitate good
warehousing facilities for customers’ wares.
“In order to resolve the problems citizens encountered while patronizing
governmental licenses and passport which unfortunately are only available
in the States Capital; NIPOST e- Government Services Company will enhance
the ease of collection and payment will greater security of lives and
resources”, Shittu explained.
The Minister however encouraged investors to invest in these new platforms.
More so, he assured that the opportunities in the companies springing out
from NIPOST will be limitless.

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