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Nigerians Consume Nearly 9 Exabytes of Data in One Month

Nigerians Consume Nearly 9 Exabytes of Data in One Month

… As Internet Usage Surges to 753,388.8 Terabytes in March 2024

Nigerians are demonstrating an insatiable appetite for data, with internet usage reaching a staggering 753,388.77 terabytes (TB) in March 2024, according to new data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

This translates to a mind-boggling total of nearly 9 exabytes (EB) of data consumed in a single month, highlighting the country’s rapid digital transformation.

1 Terabyte (TB) equals 1,024 gigabytes (GB), roughly equivalent to 1 trillion bytes, while 1 Exabyte (EB) equals 1,024 terabytes which is roughly equivalent to 1 quadrillion bytes.

This record-breaking figure represents a significant increase of 8.43% compared to February 2024 and underscores a return to growth after a short-lived dip. Furthermore, it reflects a substantial jump from the 562,960.57 TB used in March 2023, showcasing the ever-growing demand for internet connectivity in Nigeria.

The NCC report delves deeper, revealing that data consumption has been steadily climbing in the first quarter of 2024. Telecom subscribers used 721,522 TB and 698,804.54 TB in January and February, respectively.

This upward trend suggests a continuous rise in internet usage, potentially fueled by factors like the affordability of smartphones and data plans, the expansion of mobile broadband networks, and the growing popularity of data-intensive applications.

This record-breaking data consumption underscores Nigeria’s rapid digital transformation, fueled by a growing appetite for internet access and the adoption of newer technologies.

NCC report also attributes the surge in data consumption to a significant rise in 4G and, more importantly, 5G subscriptions. March witnessed a notable increase in 5G subscriptions, reaching 2.72 million, while 4G subscriptions climbed to a remarkable 71.70 million. These trends also reflect Nigeria’s expanding capacity for faster internet speeds.

Furthermore, NCC’s statistics for the data market share among telcos in March 2024 reveal that   MTN emerged as the leader, capturing 37.4% of the market with 81,799,666 subscriptions. Airtel followed closely with 28.9% and 63,357,061 subscriptions. Globacom held a 28.4% share with 62,191,448 subscriptions, while 9mobile rounded out the market with 5.3% and 11,657 subscriptions.

The report further reveals a positive trend in overall subscriber growth. As of March 2024, the NCC reported a total of 164,368,292 subscribers across GSM, fixed wire, internet service providers (ISPs), anvoice-overer internet protocol (VoIP) categories. Additionally, broadband penetration increased to 43.53% in March 2024, up from February’s figure, with a total of 94,364,751 subscriptions.

However, the record-breaking data consumption also highlights some challenges. Ensuring widespread access to these high-speed networks across the country will require continued investment in infrastructure development by both the government and private sector. Additionally, promoting digital literacy and ensuring responsible online behavior will be crucial aspects of maximizing the benefits of this digital transformation.

While challenges remain, the potential for this digital revolution to unlock new opportunities across various sectors is undeniable.

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