Wednesday , December 1 2021

Nigerian Startup BMP Car Simplify Transportation System, Launches 2-in-1 Car Hailing Service

Nigerian tech startup BMP Car has redefined car-hailing service in Nigeria by launching a 2-in-1 car hailing transportation system in Lagos, Nigeria.

BMP Car is a technology ride-hailing transport service using 2-in-1 model, Car Sharing and VIP Taxi on the same platform, which allows users to link-up and join anyone embarking on the same route with them or book an instant ride to their various destinations.

The idea was designed to reduce hassle for online transport users, the Car Sharing mode is useful for both intra and interstate, while VIP Taxi mode is mainly within Lagos state.

The platform aims to offer Nigerians simple, reliable, secured and cheap transportation service to reduce stress and aid smooth inter and intrastate travels.

Being a community that connects car drivers to passengers, users’ identities on the platform are properly verified after registering with their details so that partners can know who they are travelling with.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Ezekiel OJO said the platform was set up with a unique model of providing a 2-in-1 service of Car Sharing and VIP Taxi model with instant bookings, unlike its competitors.

BMP Car Hailing Service

He informed that, through the Car Sharing, car owners can find nearby people that are travelling on the same direction with them through a few clicks and get paid while users can also easily get across to available car owners embarking on the same route with them.

OJO added that people can request for a ride through the VIP Taxi model adding that it was positioned to offer drivers and partners the best earnings while also offering users excellent service.

‘’Unlike others online hailing platforms that failed to identify some critical problems facing drivers and users, BMP Car was designed for both the riders and the users to generate additional revenue and enjoy a convenient, easy and safe platform. It reduces hustle of users from decision making by using 2-in -1 model on the platform, the car-sharing (inter-state) and VIP Taxi (Taxi mode to their various destination). ‘’

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He explained that ‘’Anyone can earn more revenue which could be drivers or passengers on car sharing, while VIP drivers are permanently available on the platform to respond to an instant booking by the users.’’

BMP Car is reliable, affordable and securable; the app is available both on the Google Play Store and Apple store.


BMP Car is an indigenous carpooling platform created with the people and environment in mind. We are trying to create an entirely new, people-powered, travel network. With a dedicated member relations service, a state of the art web and mobile platform, and a fast-growing trusted community, we are making travel social, money-saving and more efficient for people.

What do We do?

BMP Car is a 2-in-1 road transport solution that let users book an instant ride (VIP) to a specific destination and also connect car owner travelling alone to commuters going the same direction. The platform enables a hassle-free link between them while ensuring that the rider gets a token to make up for petrol. This saves the environment as we’ll have less fume emitting cars on the road and also let the users enjoy the company of others during travel.

How BMP Car Work?

For VIP the user goes to the app to request for a ride, while a nearby driver receives the request heads out to pick up the rider and drop him/her at the specified destination and get paid.

While for ride-sharing intending traveller (driver) goes to the site to offer a ride, stating the time of travel and available seats while another user (rider) goes to find a ride that matches his own journey, book it and makes an escrow payment (money will not be sent to the driver until the journey is completed). Parties (driver and riders) will connect, meet up and embark on the journey.

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