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MTN Nigeria's Marketing Chief, Adia Sowho Resigns, Capping a Period of Significant Growth

MTN Nigeria’s Marketing Chief, Adia Sowho Resigns, Capping a Period of Significant Growth

Adia Sowho, a trailblazer in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector, has announced her resignation as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MTN Nigeria.

During her nearly three-year tenure, Sowho played a pivotal role in driving substantial growth and innovation, transforming the company’s consumer business and spearheading the launch of 5G technology in Nigeria.

Before joining MTN, Sowho was known for her innovative approach and strategic leadership in the telecommunications industry. She played a crucial role in building Etisalat Nigeria into one of the fastest-growing telecom companies of its time. Her forward-thinking methods were further demonstrated during her tenure with Migo, where she led instant lending initiatives, scaling operations to offer 10,000 loans per day.

Additionally, she guided Thrive Agric through challenging times, leading to its recognition as one of the Financial Times’ 20 fastest-growing companies in 2024.

Reflecting on her journey at MTN Nigeria, Sowho expressed gratitude for the experiences and learnings she gained. “I have learned much in this role and am grateful to my team and colleagues for the experience,” she shared on her LinkedIn page.

Under her leadership, MTN Nigeria’s Consumer Business saw over 20% year-over-year growth, with a record 50% growth in the data business. Notably, the company also became the first Nigerian telecom to launch 5G technology during her tenure.

Sowho attributed her success at MTN Nigeria to strategic partnerships and customer-centric initiatives. She emphasized the importance of collaborations with OTT providers and OEMs to integrate customers into the digital economy, focusing on balancing device financing access with designing compelling use cases. Her emphasis on serving a “Customer of One,” tailoring marketing strategies to individual customer behavior and preferences, allowed MTN Nigeria to offer timely and relevant propositions.

Sowho’s approach to breaking down silos within the company fostered a culture of agility and innovation. By promoting transparency and collaboration, she enabled her teams to synchronize efforts, leading to quicker launches and iterations of customer propositions. Her focus on logical clarity over tactical reporting, through prescriptive analytics, allowed the company to anticipate customer needs and optimize strategies proactively.

In her farewell message, Sowho expressed heartfelt gratitude, particularly to MTN Nigeria CEO Karl Toriola, for recognizing her potential as a CMO. She leaves behind a legacy of ‘startup energy’ and a set of principles for her team to uphold. Sowho now looks forward to the company’s continued success and the next phase of her professional journey, carrying forward the lessons and experiences from her tenure as CMO.

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