Monday , January 25 2021
Make your Firm More Attractive to Top Talent, SystemSpecs Urges Nigerian Businesses

Make your Firm More Attractive to Top Talent, SystemSpecs Urges Nigerian Businesses

As human resource experts continue to seek pathways to creating an innovative, successful and sustainable workforce, foremost provider of innovative payment and human capital management technology solutions and services, SystemSpecs, has urged Nigerian businesses to better position their firms to become more attractive to top talent.

Speaking during a panel session tagged, “Bridging the Fintech Talent Gap in Nigeria”, at the recently held Lagos Fintech Week, Mujib Ishola, the Head of Engineering at SystemSpecs, stated that irrespective of the field in which they work, top talents want to be associated with the best organisations.

“Every organisation seeks to attract and retain sought-after talents. On the other hand, the talented individual’s decision to work with an organisation is based on the perceived value the individual believe they can bring into the organisation and how it will be appreciated. This is more important than money,” Ishola said.

According to him, to build a top-notch workforce, businesses need to treat their current employees well, project a powerful brand, and leverage the internet and social media to put information about them out there.

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“Also, top talents especially in technology detest redundancy and desire an environment where they can thrive. This is one of the achievements of our most recent restructuring at SystemSpecs which allows employees in all teams more width to grow across the organisation.”

SystemSpecs operates from Lagos and Abuja, and is home to over 250 talented employees.

The tech expert whose organisation developed HumanManager, one of the most successful human resource management solutions in Africa, also stressed the importance of training recruiters because they are the first points of contact with a prospective employee.

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