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LG Refrigerator: The Unbeatable, Nothing Compares

LG Refrigerator: The Unbeatable, Nothing Compares

Innovative LG InstaView Door-in-Door® refrigerator with water dispenser and ice to add-on to your convenience

Refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in every household. These large appliances have undergone a lot of improvements and upgradations over the years. And a good side-by-side refrigerator is definitely the in thing right now that you should get your hands on.

 The line of LG InstaView refrigerators was replenished with a dispenser for water and ice in black color. The novelty has preserved such a distinctive feature of the Door-in-Door series for consumers who like it – the front panel of the mirror glass, which becomes transparent in the event of a double knock. Thanks to this, you can see the contents of the cold chamber, not opening the door and not releasing it from the cold air. As it is known, it is the maintenance of regular temperature that is the key to preserving the freshness of products. Besides, the additional Door-in-Door allows you to easily place and deliver products and drinks, which are mostly used.

 More than anything else, a refrigerator is the most opened to get water. And if yours is a large family, then the number of times this activity gets repeated is countless. Perhaps this is what makes the side-by-side refrigerator popular because it has the ability to get water and ice on demand without opening the doors. Most consumers feel this added convenience makes the side by side the model of choice, especially when factoring in the cost savings from being able to leave the doors closed while dispensing.

 Now more than ever the refrigerator has a very important task, to keep our food fresh from the ingredients to the moment of reheating, with the best technology the LG InstaView from LG Electronics will enchant you.

 The InstaView Refrigerator ™ Door-in-Door® with the dispenser is fully compatible with the application SmartThinQ ™ from LG, which allows you to manage it remotely or perform diagnostics with the help of a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

  “Our InstaView lineup meets the growing demand for refrigerators that offer good

design, better convenience, and hygiene and health features that help protect consumers and their loved ones,” said Mr. Brian Kang, General Manager Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics West Africa Operations. “Energy efficient and effective at extending food freshness, LG’s InstaView fridges are ready to take life in the kitchen to a whole new level.”

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This InstaView Refrigerator from LG Electronics has an innovative Door-in-Door system that consists of one door on top of another that aims to allow you to check the interior of the refrigerator without having to open it, since it has tinted glass that, with the ease of two touches, it becomes transparent to be able to see the content. In addition to being able to more easily access the items you use the most.’’

 The modish design features a water dispenser display that adds to the convenience and elegance of the refrigerator. Additionally, LG InstaView Door-in-Door features the Hygiene Fresh+ system, which helps autonomously reduce bacteria and odors by up to 99.999% for maximized freshness. This LG Refrigerator with Inverter Linear Compressor saves energy and produces minimal sound. Visit to discover everything that LG InstaView Door-in-Door has for you.

 These qualities, along with many others, allow LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators to keep all your food and drinks fresh for much longer, as it also features precision temperature cooling technology. Starting with the Door Cooling system, which provides uniform and rapid freshness throughout the refrigerator.

  Going the Extra Mile for Customer Service

 As anyone who has dealt with customer can attest, good service is one of the most important factors that determines customer satisfaction and loyalty, and a key component of a brand’s reputation especially in the last mile of a customer’s journey. But ensuring that existing customers are well taken care of is easier said than done, given the pressure to bring in new customers in today’s competitive world.

 With this challenge in mind, LG Nigeria in partnership with Fouani, its authorized local distributor, kicked off an enhanced customer service initiative to give customers a memorable experience from the point of sale until their next purchase of an LG product. The Last Mile initiative was developed to deliver high quality support to customers and enhance their after-sales experience through LG’s service centers in key towns across Nigeria.

 All customers who purchase LG InstaView Refrigerator are eligible for a customer support via a toll-free line and in-home visit within 24 hours by qualified service technicians whenever any issue arises. Core components of home appliances are covered by LG’s generous 10-year warranty and for products no longer under warranty, affordable repair service are offered. Throughout the customer’s entire journey, LG Nigeria is committed to providing the best experience possible with personalized customer care until the very last mile.



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