Wednesday , December 1 2021
LG Excites Customers with Aerodynamic Dual Wing Ceiling Fan Presence at Elan Expo

LG Excites Customers with Aerodynamic Dual Wing Ceiling Fan Presence at Elan Expo

LG Electronics unveiled its Aerodynamic Dual Wing celling fan at 4th International Air Conditional and Refrigeration Exhibition, in Lagos, South-West Nigeria, organised by Elan Expo.

LG Ceiling Fan comes with bio-mechanically designed blades for quieter operation, dual Wings for Natural Airflow, LG ThinQ & Remote Control, Mosquito Away, Sleep mode and LED Display.

According to LG, the biomechanically designed unique wings of the LG Ceiling Fan were inspired by the fins of a Humpback whale swimming silently across the deep blue sea adding that this LG patented Humpback Whale Protrusion design increases the efficiency of air flow and decreases the
decibel levels.

The LG ThinQ & Remote Control offers smart features for men and women of all ages to make life more Convenient. Control your Ceiling Fan anywhere, anytime while the LG Ceiling Fan’s efficient distribution and mixing of wind creates the most pleasant, natural and uniform air flow.

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The features of the fan showed that it has a lower and steady Turbulence Intensity that prevents you from feeling the gust of wind irritating your eyes or other disturbances caused due to unpleasant air flow.

Technically, the premium PCB with double insulation reduces the possibilities of shock hazard and fire just as the premium motor provides ultimate performance with high efficiency and less noise.

Described as LG 1st Ceiling Fan with mosquito repelling technology by way of activating ultrasonic sound waves to drive away mosquitos from your loved ones, it comes with comfort sleep mode that helps you sleep better by regulating the speed automatically to match your comfort level.

More importantly, the LG Ceiling Fan’s premium and Uni-Body design makes easy maintenance and convenient cleaning, thanks to the highest flexural modulus from LG Chem’s ABS. LG Premium LED display is perfect for checking the settings you need.

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