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Khunquer, World No 1 Multipurpose Bible Game Unveiled in Nigeria

Khunquer, World No 1 Multipurpose Bible Game Unveiled in Nigeria

In a bid to promote personal growth while enhancing one’s knowledge of the Bible, the world number one multipurpose Bible game, Khunquer has been unveiled in Nigeria.

Carefully designed to be fun and engaging, Khunquer was developed to bring the Word of God closer to our hearts through different action-packed levels.

Although centred around the Bible, the game will help one personal development emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically.

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According to the Game Creator, Samuel Gabriel, the game, Khunquer is borne out of a passion to help families overcome the problems of insecurity spreading across the nation.

In his words, “Insecurity is sponsored from the spirit realm by the devil and his agents and the only victory that overcome them is our faith which comes only by hearing the Word of God. But, to avoid being conquered, the devil has used the fun of games and social media to distract our children and us from the word of God.

“Thus, the game is designed to bring the word of God to our hearts at the place where they are focused. While being fun, it takes you right into the scriptures.

How It Works

The game board is a circular design of all the books of the Bible and their classifications. It features categories like the five books of Moses, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, Gospels and so on.

Each player has four game pieces called soldiers. Each soldier represents each of the four human dimensions; the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical domains are represented by the General (G), Captain (C), Sergeant (S) and Private (P) respectively.

Khunquer has 6 levels of play and 10 modes of play.

Differentt modes help to address different issues of Bible Study which include securing factual knowledge, insightful understanding, practical wisdom, scriptural revelations and Divine encounters among others.

The game ends when all of the soldiers of one of the players have finished the trip. The scores of each player are summed up. The player with the highest score is the winner.

There are many other features in the game that make it more interesting, useful and versatile.

How to Play Khunquer Game

Khunquer Game can be played alone (without an opponent) for personal growth; played by the whole family; played by teams and can also be used to study and research the Bible on any topic of interest.

All the details needed for each usage is covered in the manual that comes with the game package.

How to Get Khunquer Game

Khunquer game is also available for purchase at

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