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Insight Publicis Unveils New Visual Identity, Reflects Renewed Focus On Digital, Tech-first

Insight Publicis Unveils New Visual Identity, Reflects Renewed Focus On Digital, Tech-first

Insight Publicis, Nigeria’s leading advertising agency, has unveiled a refreshed visual identity, heralding a new era for the company. Insight’s new look and brand symbol represents a commitment to innovation and a renewed focus on digital and tech-first solutions.

The upgraded look comes on the back of the appointment of Dr. Tayo Oyedeji as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the parent company, Redefini, the leading creative consultancy and integrated marketing communications company in West Africa. Dr. Oyedeji, who is renowned for his outstanding record and experience as a leader in communications and technology, has expressed his vision to chart a new path for the communications group starting with its brand identity.

He said: “The new Insight Publicis logo borrows from the past, staying true to our roots while intentionally incorporating our future. It is a mix of modern characteristics including symmetry and simplicity, while maintaining the eccentricity that has made Insight Publicis the continental market leader it is today. The new Insight Publicis identity ushers the agency into a digital-first era where our insights and brand solutions are driven by tech-enabled consumer data and analytics, firmly rooted in our MARCOINS™ approach that combines understanding of the market, consumer and insights. These ensure we continue to help our clients create value in a world that is predominantly digital.”

The refreshed logo, which reflects a renewed mission, was necessitated by the evolving world of today. In response, Insight Publicis retained their logo’s core elements, which is crystalized in a simpler, more refined colour palette and modern design, yet still retains the spirit of the previous logo.

Speaking on the new logo, Sinmisola Hughes-Obisesan, Creative Director for the Redefini group, stated: “The design of the ‘s’ in our new logo was inspired by the infinity icon in our previous logo and continues to represent the never-ending thinking that goes into bringing out what is indeed our very essence, insights. The insight that we bring to our clients is never bland nor cluttered. It boldly stands out because it is a sharp and clear insight rooted in data that has been extensively mined. And with this point-of-view is our point of differentiation.”

The intent of the refreshed logo was to create a modern, relatable and timeless design. A design which reflects Insight Publicis’ DNA and goal – to lead the change and be frontrunners of the digital-first approach to brand marketing and advertising in Nigeria. From its inception as a pioneer institution in the industry, Insight Publicis has continually paved the way in trends and policies, for which its refreshed visual identity provides additional ammunition.

With its renewed vigour and vision to lead the pack onto commercial blue waters, driven digitally and backed by decades of experience in delivering transformational growth, Insight Publicis is firmly equipped to steer the integrated media communications industry in Nigeria to even greater heights, while ensuring clients realize optimal return on investment.

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