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Groups urge Nigerians to embrace motherless babies’ support

National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) in collaboration with Women-In-Arts, a theatre group has called on all Nigerians to care and show love to the motherless babies by supporting them in terms of food, clothing and make them to be successful.

The groups made this call at the celebration of 2019 motherless babies day held in Lagos at the weekend. The celebration comes along with donations of 1000 bags rice to the orphanages home in Lagos state.

Speaking at the event, the president of NAPPS, Alhaji Wasiu Adumadeyi, he said, “This is one of the best project I have ever embarked on in my tenure as the president of NAPPS, it came up at the time I was thinking of what would I wish to be remembered for. By God grace we have done so many beautiful thing, but out of it all, this is the best.”

He said, this ‘Rice Project’ is a concept by gathering one thousand bags of rice and distribute to the motherless home because food is one of the most important aspect of life and when hunger is out of one’s problem, then your problem is little, but then food alone does not make a total child.

He added that, “food alone cannot make one to be successful in life, orphans still need to be clothed, they still need to go to school, they need all these support to be successful and they need other things apart from food too.”

According to him, he said that “When it comes to humanity, that is the essence of creation the reasons why you are blessed is to render an helping hands to those who are coming behind you. He lamented that the motherless babies are the forgotten species of human being, the only time we remember them is during Christmas.”

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Also speaking, the creative director for the motherless babies day, Mr Olafemi George, reterliated that “We are using Arts to celebrate humanity. We felt motherless babies deserves so much more than we are giving them.

“Over time we only get to visit them once in a year probably during the Christmas time we remember that there is an orphanage somewhere , which should not be like that . Visiting motherless kids , loving them, providing for them and seeing them as part of us should be inculcated into our culture.”

We African are known for kindness and hospitable to one another, the family bond is among Africans, so we felt celebrating the motherless babies day would reawakening our consciousness about caring for this motherless babies.

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