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France to Restrict Internet Access as Protests Escalates

France to Restrict Internet Access as Protests Escalates

In response to the recent riots that have affected a number of districts in France, the French Ministry of Interior has announced passing exceptional measures, restricting internet access to guarantee public safety and tranquility.

In a statement, the ministry announced that the measures aim to address the escalating violence and to maintain order and stability in the affected regions.

The measures, designed to prevent further acts of violence and disturbance, will come into effect on July 3rd for a limited period, the statement explains.

To combat “misuse of social media and online platforms for coordinating illegal activities and inciting violence,” the interior ministry will restrict internet access for specific neighborhoods during nighttime hours.

The restrictions will be put in place to curb the abusive use of online platforms and prevent the coordination of unlawful actions.

The news comes hours after a car ramming attack targeted the house of the mayor of L’Hay-les-Roses Vincent Jeanbrun.

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The social unrest comes as the result of the brutal murder of a 17-year-old of Algerian origins at the hand of a police officer. Since the tragic incident, the European country erupted in protests, as people denounced police brutality and racism.

The protests extended beyond France’s borders, with scuffles and detentions occurring in Brussels related to the shooting in France. Several fires were also brought under control during the unrest.

Firecrackers were hurled at security forces in various neighborhoods in Paris, and the police station in the city’s 12th district was attacked. Incidents of looting were reported along Rivoli street, close to the Louvre museum, and at the Forum des Halles, the largest shopping mall in central Paris


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