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Experts call for collective efforts on cyber security

Experts in the Information Technology space has called for collective efforts and collaboration to generate new strategies that can effectively overcome the latest cyber threats in Nigeria.

This charge was made in Lagos at the 2019 annual symposium of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) information communication technology and telecommunication group themed “Cyber security; A Nigerian perspective” with the sub topic “ Global Technological Development, Where does Nigeria Fit in?

According to LCCI President, Mr Babatunde Paul Ruwase, almost every sector of the economy uses technology in their daily operations, therefore organisations must recognize that both their data and clients’ data are at risk.

“Cybersecurity threats could affect an entire country, economy or global infrastructure. Events across various countries has exposed the world to a new reality that a successful attack on an entire country’s internet infrastructure is feasible.

“For context, unidentified hackers waged a massive attack on top level domains in Turkey about four years ago, effectively shutting down access to any website”, he explained.

Ruwase clearly stated that Cybersecurity is not only a necessity to protect the privacy of entities but also necessary to guarantee the safety of private data networks and infrastructural elements.

He also noted that the relevance and commonality of identity is increasing and financial services projects, IT firms, mobile operators and other private entities are screaming to find ways to stem the tide of this costly form of digital robbery.

In his opening remarks, Ruwase posited that it is our collective efforts to ensure cybersecurity in Nigeria keep up with the blossoming technological applications and increasingly comprehensive data sharing.

He then urged organisations that store data to properly secure their data network, or else they may be placing their interests and clients’ interest at risk.

“This makes cyber security an increasingly prevalent topic, as stakeholders in this area must constantly collaborate to generate new strategies that can effectively overcome the latest cyber threats.


Also speaking, Partner, Deloitte, Mr Tope Aladenusi in his presentation said more attention needs to paid to cyber security in Nigeria.

Aladenusi connotes that although no organizations has come out openly to declared being hacked, a lots of Nigerian companies suffered from massive attacks and hacks on a daily basis.

He therefore addressed that there is for organisations to need to rethink the traditional risk management practices.

“Cybersecurity is now a broad issue. Everyone will be hacked because cyber attacks happens everyday”, Aladenusi declared.

Advising against this, he said in Nigeria, insider threats is the biggest and it is now important for companies to carry out background checks on their staffs.

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“Companies must apply security patches, implement security policies and control in their office space”, Aladenusi said.

In this regards, the Chief Executive Officer, Rack Center, Mr Ayotunde Coker identified that information is a prerequisite in the fight against cyber threats and attacks.

“Everybody needs to be educated and informed.

“Although we are caught up in hustling and bustling, there is need for us all to be alert”, he addressed.

Coker, however advised that, companies and individuals need to verify all mails and upon attack, they should contact the administrators immediately.

He added that the victims should change their password immediately with different characters without compromising.

“We need to realise that once someone is hacked, people around him are equally not safe. Information and client’s data are at risk”, Coker explained.

He strongly advised that victim should take up the responsibility of alerting clients, friends and those around them on malicious mails from them.

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