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Experts advocate for consistency, collaborations in Nigeria Fashion Industry

Experts in Nigeria fashion industry have advocated for consistency and collaboration among relevant stakeholders in the industry.

They made this disclosure was made while speaking with fashionpreneurs at the Lagos Fashion Hangout organized by Imorian by Nene held in Lagos themed “Being a Fashionpreneur”.

According to the Founder, Etiquettebykanyin, Mrs Kanyin Adio- Moses “The Fashion industry in Nigeria is a lucrative one which fashionpreneurs can get the best out of by properly defining their goals and positioning their brand appropriately.

Speaking on brand positioning, she noted that in business, there is no one size fits all approach.

While addressing the topic,“Business Etiquette Skills for Fashionpreneurs”, Kanyin explained that customer retention, customer follow up and proper communication are keys for a successful business growth in the industry.

She, however advised on consistency in business and maintenance of their unique selling point will help fashionpreneurs to accurately position their fashion business.

“Stay true to your services/ products but be flexible to move with the market trends.

“The Fashion industry is a place that quality does not only count but quantity as well. Therefore, it is important for fashionpreneurs to expand their network so as to get new customers”, Kanyin said.

On her part, the Jumoke Shotonwa of Kwasse Fashion admonished fashionpreneurs to know their competitors so as to understand their unique selling point.

“To make your brand reputable, collaboration is the key. Consistency and creating great stories around your brand gives it a business feel

“Collaboration is important because it makes up for ease of getting investors”, Shontowa noted.

Mr Emaodia Ogbebor while speaking on the “The Art of Building a Sustainable brand”, said “since brand loyalty today depends on the depth of your relationships with customers, it makes sense to show your target market that your vision of the future aligns with thiers.

Ogbebor advised fashionpreneurs to leverage on technology by going digital.

According to him, “a sustainable brand is one that rides market trends while not losing the original value that its consumers were originally attracted to.

He concluded by saying “a sustainable brand is on that has a meaning or purpose that goes beyond making money, instead of seeking to increase the wellbeing of humanity.

“Sustainable fashion designers are honest in everything they do. They are happy to show off their entire supply chain, explain how they source their clothing and prove their commitment to the environment.

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Also, Chy Nwakanma, an actress state that appearance has a lot to do with once confidence which is one of the reasons the fashion industry is a lucrative ones.

As an advocate of good healthy looks, she urged fashionpreneurs to focus on their strength, learn needed skills while building up their confidence base so as not to miss out diverse opportunity.

Nwakanma reminded them to always find what works for them while focusing on long term goals.

“Always be prepared, when you see the bighe big picture, your zeal is encouraged ”.

A fashion blooger, Onyinyechi Anozie also posited that brand is always evolving but consistency makes you endure and stay relevant.

She noted that “the beauty of consistency makes fashionpreneurs creative and comfortable.

“Success comes as result of multiple trails”, Anozie highlighted.

The founder and organizer, Frances Obonna, “Lagos Fashion Hangout is an annual workshop for members of the fashion industry.

“It is focused on educating its participants on how to successfully run a fashion business”, Obonna said.

Speaking further, the founder posited that Lagos Fashion Hangout has greatly impacted the Fashion Industry in Nigeria.

Highlighting their achievements, “we currently have over forty Nigerians in the Fashion Industry who after attending the Lagos Fashion Hangout are excelling in the field.


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