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Experience the Luxurious Aesthetics of LG Artcool Inverter Air-Conditioner 

Experience the Luxurious Aesthetics of LG Artcool Inverter Air-Conditioner 

…Delivers Exceptional Energy Efficiency, promotes Health Care Features

LG Electronics (LG) continues to wow Nigerian consumers with cutting-edge Air Conditioners powered by its innovative inverter technology. Highly evolved and well-regarded around the globe, LG’s inverter tech significantly boosts energy efficiency and performance. Energy efficient air conditioners are becoming more common across the globe, driven by rising electricity costs and eco-friendly consumers.

What do the Consumers Want

It is natural that customers want an Air conditioner that has three main compositions – Comfort Function, Convenient Installation and Easy Maintenance. These compositions are summarized as; Less Energy Consumption, Powerful Performance, Durability, Less Noise and Hygiene. On the contrary, if the product is too difficult to install or is inconvenient to manage, it will cause inconvenience to customers.

LG Electronics is one of the companies at the forefront of the next generation of innovative Residential Air Conditioning (RAC). LG has prioritized earth environment preservation, sustainable social advancement, and improved the quality of life of all its stakeholders over the last 20 years with a vision to create differentiated customer value.

Outstanding Performance via DUAL Inverter Compressor™

 “Energy efficiency is one of the key parameters for consumers while making purchasing decisions for air conditioners. The LG Dual Inverter AC series combines design innovation with advances in technology to deliver an optimal cooling performance. This holistic approach to product design has resulted in increased power efficiency and an abundance of smart features that enhance the air conditioning experience.

Employing LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor, LG air conditioners consume 70 percent less electricity and cool 40 percent faster than non-inverter models. Additionally, LG’s industry-leading compressor technology ensures a near-silent performance that allows users to enjoy a more relaxing and pleasant indoor environment. Noted for its durability and reliability, the DUAL Inverter Compressor comes guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

The Dual Inverter Compressor motor has a wide rotational frequency and a higher speed cooling range than a conventional compressor, allowing the Air Conditioner to cool more quickly, last longer and run more quietly. So no matter how high the temperature, the Air Conditioner distributes cool air immediately to every corner in the room. The unit has a larger skew fan which expels powerful blasts of air through its large outlet, optimally designed to fill spaces with cool air faster and farther. Due to their twin rotor, there is a faster cooling at a wider operating frequency or ‘broader tonnage’. Hence, dual inverter offer better cooling in terms of precision in temperature control due to variable tonnage and speed of cooling.

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“We understand the importance of reducing energy consumption for Nigerian consumers, and we’ve designed our latest energy efficient air conditioners to drastically reduce energy intake.” said Mr. Jung June Yoon, General Manager, Air Solution LG Electronics West African Operations.

He added: “In 2022, LG will continue focusing on developing innovative products with an emphasis on creating value for our consumers.” And in this first quarter, we would be launching the third generation of Gencool Air Conditioners in Nigeria.

Unlike traditional air conditioners that require a large generator to start due to their high start-up electric power, LG’s GEN COOL air conditioner can be started with smaller generators thanks to LG’s unique inverter technology. According to LG, 1HP AC requires a 0.7KVA generator, 1.5 HP requires 0.9KVA, and 2HP requires 1.5 KVA.

As a result, the LG GEN COOL Air Conditioner includes the GEN Mode, which enables the use of a small capacity generator in locations where electric supply is insufficient, obviating the need for a larger generator. As a result, you can reduce initial electric requirements by using the AC’s GEN Mode option.

The LG Artcool AC – Perfect Partner For Perfect Health Care

Equipped with an array of smart features and gorgeous sleek designs, the latest ARTCOOL models offer power and performance while also serving as stylish additions to any modern living space. An expanded range comprising various capacities presents more choice to satisfy LG’s ever-expanding customer base in Nigeria.

While it comforts your home in style it also acts as the perfect partner for perfect health care. The LG Artcool White Inverter range comes standard with the Plasma Ionizer plus, Antibacterial Air Filter and Plasmaster Auto Cleaning function.

LG’s latest line-up of Artcool air conditioners outstanding with the UVnano technology available in LG Dual-Cool models can eliminate germs caused by moisture. Bacteria and viruses Up to 99.99 percent of the body and impeller are certified by TUV Rheinland, the world’s leading independent inspection service.

The powerful Plasma Ionizer protects you from odors and harmful substances in the air with over 3 million ions to sterilize not only the air passing through the air-conditioner, but also surrounding surfaces for a safer, cleaner environment. Ionizer has been proven to sterilize over 99% of adhering bacteria within 60 minutes. (Sterilize Escherichia coli over 99.9% in 30 min and Staphylococcus aureus over 99.6% in 60 min).

With an antibacterial Air Filter as the first line of defense, it is designed to capture and eliminate dust particles and bacteria from various sources.

Keeping itself clean from the inside has never been easier. The interior of the air-conditioner is maintained by drying off the heat ex-changer, then sterilizing the interior once more with the Plasmaster ions to eliminate unwanted mold and odors.

In combining these three features, the LG Art Cool Air-conditioner helps to combat allergies, asthma and air borne viruses making it perfect for keeping your home healthy and keeping it comfortable at all times.

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“We are excited to bring LG’s revolutionary UVnano technology to the Nigeria market. These superior technologies and comprehensive features promise to bring new and clean air quality to every household. It also provides excellent value for resources and energy conservation, something Nigerians are looking for. Our new line of air conditioners distinguishes us as one of the brand capable of removing germs from humidity, bacteria, and viruses that could spread through the air.” Mr. Yoon, said

With LG’s ThinQ™ (formerly SmartThinQ™) app for smartphones, users can easily control their ARTCOOL from any location. The convenient app allows each member of the household to personalize the user experience, giving them the ability to choose and save their preferred temperature and mode settings. In addition, the ARTCOOL lineup features SmartDiagnosis™, which sends helpful notifications via smartphone and offers support for a wide range of technical issues to make troubleshooting quick and simple.

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