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Excerpt: Nigeria’s cybersecurity framework more robust than UK, US, others – Medallion Communications

A Cybersecurity expert, Mr Ikechukwu Nnamani has said Nigeria’s cybersecurity framework is more robust than others abroad.

The Medallion Communications Limited President who made this disclosure during an interview with Business Remarks highlighted that cybercrime is not peculiar to Nigeria alone.

In his words, “most companies in the world are not always immune to the spree of cyber attacks and data breaches.

“Even in the advanced countries, there are data breaches all the time; much more extensive than what we have here in Nigeria, that’s the truth”.

Supporting his claim, Nnamani who also doubles as the President, Demadiur System Limited explained that it was discovered that the increase in the number of threats reported has kept Nigerians on edge.

As a result, he said, the system we have in some of our sectors are now more secured because we anticipates lot of people would want to commit fraud and outsmart the system.

“Our people by default fear that somebody would always try to be smart and gain the system. The level of authentication we have in Nigeria banks, you don’t have it outside.

“The minimum authentication here don’t not factor abroad, you see people go online without any authentication; you process your transactions. Some of what you see here they don’t have there”, Nnamani stressed.

However, he stated that cyberattack remains a threat while keeping information secured and protecting the integrity of data over the internet is now becoming a huge and complex task.

While addressing the challenge, Nnamani said it is disheartening to know Nigeria have the lowest number of cybersecurity experts in Africa.

According to him, research revealed that Nigeria, a country of about 200 million people, have just 3500 experts while countries like Kenya and Uganda have 1800 and 400 cyber security experts respectively, with their population of 46.7 million and 38.3 million in that order, they have more experts per person than Nigeria.

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“In the course of our study, we found out that the country is ill-equipped in terms of cybersecurity experts to address the challenges facing her. This is in spite of the fact that the number of experts in the country has grown from about 2000 to 3,500.

“With the cost of cybercrime increasing every year across Nigeria, lack of local cyber security skillset is a big challenge to businesses and governments in the country.

“As we embraced digital services, over-the-top applications, fintech services; Internet of Things, convergence of telecoms, broadcasting, healthcare, and the financial sectors, and as such, the threats posed by cybercriminals could no longer be ignored. Therefore, Nigeria is in need of qualified cybersecurity experts who would handle the cyber threat facing the country”, he advised.

Speaking further, he emphasized that continuous creation of awareness as well as teaching people how to have the best cyber habits will help reduce the number of victims.

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