Thursday , October 21 2021

Easter Coding BootCamp: CodeFest holds Kidsville Innovative Expo

An indigenous  Information Technology (IT) company, CodeFest has held its Coding Bootcamp for children themed Kidsville Innovative Expo.

The event was held in Festac Lagos.

According to the president and founder of CodeFest, Moss Uromtah, the traditional classroom should not be depended on totally.

“We realised from a survey we had that if Nigeria is going to catch up in IT and deal with the innovation challenges, there is huge urgency to look at the bottom, the very beginning of the nation’s education system, the children.

“As a result, we decided to catch them young  with the idea of Easter Coding Bootcamp for aged 5-16.

“Basically, we instructed the kids on programming, coding and also expose them on presentation and ability to sell what they’ve designed.

“Coding has become the fourth literacy and it is now the future” Uromtah noted.

Speaking on this, one of the instructors, Mrs TAJ Ukeje said that coding is a basic part of the 21st century education.

“Coding is an essential part of the curriculum called STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). It helps to develop some level of understanding, builds critical thinking, problem solving, tenacity and courage in Children.

Ukeje stated that coding skills is for kids to learn irrespective of their courses or area of interest.

“Not all the children will end up becoming programmers but it provide them with a creative mindset”, she said.

Divided into two teams, Team A (six mind) presented games they have created by name dancing fighter, frog attack and a quiz game while Team B (Awesome Coders) showcased the games (Shark attack, 2D racing, English and Basic science quiz) they have created using construct 2.

One of the Parent named Anya Kalu Anya appreciated CodeFest for coming up with the idea to train kids on Coding

“It’s an intelligent move for kids to be trained in IT because we are in the Artificial Intelligence Age. What have seen it’s much more than my expectations. My 10 years old girl child can now code and rewrite codes beautifully. I’m really impressed”, he noted.

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Also, a parent, Mrs Funks Olowole Samuel encouraged parents to embrace and invest in their children by making sure they know how to code.

“We can not guarantee the future of the kids but we can equip them with the necessary life skills like coding. This can also help develop their entrepreneurship skills.

“Coding is the compulsory language of the future for every 21st century child”, she stated.

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