Wednesday , December 1 2021

Consumer Electronics Show 2020: Samsung to showcase AI virtual keyboard

Barely a week away to the 2020 edition of Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung has confirmed the unveiling of one of its latest and unique technological innovation – an AI virtual keyboard.

Dubbed the “SelfieType”, this is essentially a virtual keyboard that uses the selfie camera of a phone and AI to allow one type without touching the phone.

According to Samsung, the software uses an in-house SelfieType AI engine that analyses finger movements captured from the selfie camera and then converts them into text via QWERTY keyboard inputs.

The company further noted that the virtual keyboard works across mobile devices including phones, tablets, and laptops. It doesn’t require any additional hardware.

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Basically, the phone’s front-facing camera will detect your hands and fingers and will attempt to figure out what you’re typing based on your finger placement.

The product builds on the traditional highlighter. Hyler is capable of converting analog texts from paper to mobile devices. The device also supports a “search mode” which shows search results using search engines and dictionaries linked to the device.

Also, Samsung stressed that aside SelfieType, it will showcase as many as five new innovative programs from its C-Lab Inside program. The company will also unveil products from four start-ups participating in a new ‘C-Lab Outside’ program. Let’s take a closer look at these products.

Samsung-backed Circulus will showcase a new humanoid robot called “piBo.” Aimed at single-person households, piBo will keep you company with simple conversations and information about the weather. You can also lookup news. piBo is capable of analyzing facial expressions of users and the content of the conversation to give more suitable answers.

SunnySide produces artificial sunlight and automatically adjust the light as the actual daylight. Samsung claims the Window-shaped lighting device will help users synthesize vitamin D indoors or in areas that don’t get enough sunlight. The company says users don’t need to worry about getting sunburn or skin aging through this device.

Becon allows users to analyze their scalp at home. The setup features a hand-held device and an application. Samsung says the home-care service will give users recommendations as well.

“The diagnostic device analyzes in real-time ten conditions of the scalp such as hair follicle density, dead skin, sensitivity, temperature and humidity based on the machine learning algorithm,” said Samsung

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