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CBN Extends Deadline for Banks ISO 20022 Migration

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has extended the deadline of migration of all financial institutions to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 20022 to November 2022.

The ISO 20022 Standard (International Organization for Standardization 20022) is an increasingly established global language for payments messaging, currently in use in cross-border payments in over 70 countries.

ISO 20022 will create a common language and model for payments data, improves significantly the quality of data across the payment’s ecosystem, Richer, structured to build client confidence while improving compliance and efficiency.

According to the director, Banking Services Department, Sam C. Okojere in the circular released on the official website of the apex bank titled ISO20022 swift updated timelines for migration

“In the years ahead, ISO 20022 will be the defacto standard for high-value payment system in reserve currencies, supporting 80 percent of global volume and 87 percent of value of transactions worldwide.”

In view of the above and the Covid19 Pandemic, SWIFT has set new timelines of November 2022 for the various activities leading to ISO20022 migration as follows.

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“In 2020, building of awareness about the change through the various resources SWIFT makes available and assessing the impacts in collaboration with vendors. Throughout year 2020 and 2021, implement the defined solution for adopting the change, testing it internally and preparing for further testing on the “real” network. Throughout 2020 and 2022 testing on the network with and without selected Correspondents and preparing for go-live.”

“Therefore, all the Financial Institutions in Nigeria are to comply with the above timelines. The ISO 20022 for FI to FI payments and reporting will be live on SWIFT as at end of November 2022. For the avoidance of doubt, after a 3-year period of coexistence, the corresponding legacy SWIFT MT Messages will be decommissioned on the SWIFT platform by November 2025,” he stated.

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