Monday , October 18 2021

Carsbazr hosts first live auction for 2019 in Lagos

Nigeria’s leading marketplace for the sale of verified locally used cars, Carsbazr hosted its first live auction for 2019.

This took place at the Daily Times Yard in Lagos, where over 20 cars were auctioned successfully at fantastic and unbelievable prices.

Speaking at the event, Vice President, Trading, Cars45, Mohammed Iyamu noted that Carsbazr live auctions have afforded Nigerians with the opportunity to acquire cars at very affordable prices and along with a detailed inspection and background check.  According to him, “At Carsbazr, our commitment to providing best-in class services in the marketplace for locally verified used cars remains constant. Our live auctions have connected people with their vehicles they can afford in a convivial and fun environment.”

Some bid winners expressed their enthusiasm at being able to purchase vehicles at the best price any where in the country.

“I feel excited at being the first winner at the Carsbazr auctions for the year 2019. I had a lot on mind leaving home this morning. It was afraid that on getting here, there might be a crowd of people and that I might also not be able to afford the cost of bidding and acquiring a car.

I decided to attend without a car to my name and look at me, I am going back home as a proud car owner. The fact that you don’t need up to a million naira to buy a car the Carsbazr auctions is the best thing that has ever happened”, Tolulope said.

Another beneficiary, Linda Ukaegbu noted that “although, I have a car, I was looking for something else to use and give a driver for any of the taxi hailing services.

“But now I have gotten a better car. I might have to switch and use this one I have just bought for myself. I am very happy and excited.

“While the bidding was going on, I told myself that I had to push more and outbid the competition to the end and I am happy about my success at the auction. I would like to say that this is the best place to buy locally used cars. They are extremely cheap. It’s unbelievable.”

Carsbazr live auctions are set to hold every Saturday at different locations across the country.

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