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Cancelled Air France Flights : CPC calls stranded passengers to narrate their experiences

In response to several public complaints and media reports that Nigerian passengers were neglected and mistreated in Air France Paris en route Lagos, the Consumer Protection Council (CPC, the Council) opened an investigation.

The airline involved is Air France and the date of occurrence was July 18, 2018.
Air France has in response to interrogatories and requests from the Council provided material cooperation, and information including that:
Air France Flight AF I04, operated with Air Belgium, from CDG (Charles De Gaulle, Paris) to LOS (Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos) with scheduled departure for 1430hrs and estimated arrival time at LOS of 1830hrs was initially delayed. Cancellation ultimately occurred at 1415hrs because of damage to the aircraft during boarding.
There were 207 passengers on the scheduled flight; 23 business class passengers and 184 economy passengers.
At the time of cancellation, there were limited re-routing solutions for the following reasons, according to Air France:
There were limited flights still departing from other locations in Europe to Lagos the same day and at the time and point the cancellation occurred.
There were potential visa issues with transiting passengers through other European countries that have transit visa requirements/restrictions.
There were limited available seats on other carriers as the travel period is considered a busy travel season.
Air France represents that it did all it could did to ensure passengers were able to fly to Lagos, the same day or the next, on partner and non-partner airlines, considering visa restrictions. Accordingly, passengers continued or concluded their flights to Lagos in a fragmented but organized manner:
Some passengers were re-routed to Lagos via London with Virgin Atlantic Airways, on the same day or the next day, subject to seat availability on that airline.
A significant number of passengers were re-routed through Amsterdam and transferred to KLM the next day, July 19 2018. Others were re-routed through Johannesburg, Nairobi and Casablanca on both July 18, and July 19, 2018.
Air France’s flight on the next day, July 19, 2018 could only accommodate 65 passengers and same were transferred to that flight accordingly.
The last ten of the stranded passengers were lifted by Air France on its Paris to Lagos flight (AF 104), on July 20, 2018.
Air France represents that it made credible efforts to secure visas for passengers who did not have any to facilitate entry into Paris for hotel accommodation. However, the efforts were largely unsuccessful as the French authorities declined. The 134 passengers who had visas were transported at approximately 1730hrs to different hotels where the airline had secured reservations.
For the 23 passengers without visas, Air France says it provided access to its elite waiting lounges for enhanced comfort and convenience.
Air France says it has provided information to all affected passengers about eligibility for EUR 800 travel vouchers or EUR 600 in cash, including the process for receiving the cash or claiming the vouchers.
In the period while the delay/cancellation occurred, Air France says it provided meals or meal vouchers, and amenity packages to passengers.
In addition to its customary compensation noted above, Air France represents that it initiated its Collective Apology Process (CAP) immediately with an additional electronic voucher of EUR 200 which is separate and above the EUR 800 and 600 identified above.
All passengers who complete the cash refund, or voucher redemption processes will receive the stated compensation, according to Air France.
Based on the representations made by the airline, and in furtherance of the investigation, CPC hereby is calling for comments and or refutations from any passenger(s) who may dispute Air France’s account of this occurrence; or has experienced difficulty in securing compensation. The Council requests that such information be provided to the Council by email at contact@cpc.gov.ng or the Consumer Protection Department of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

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