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Brilliant Young Minds Shine at SystemSpecs Children’s Day Essay Competition Awards

Nigeria’s brightest young minds were celebrated at a prestigious National Winners’ Award Ceremony for the 2024 SystemSpecs Children’s Day Essay Competition (CDEC) held on June 14th in Lagos.

The annual competition, now in its fifth year, is a cornerstone of SystemSpecs’ commitment to fostering technological awareness among Nigerian youth. The ceremony wasn’t just about awarding prizes – it was a testament to the transformative power of education and technology.

Over 3,500 essays poured in from secondary schools across the country, each one brimming with the hopes and ideas of the next generation. The theme, “Protecting the Nigerian child from the dangers of online technology,” resonated deeply with the students, sparking thoughtful and creative arguments. Shortlisting the entries to just 50 finalists was no easy feat, showcasing the exceptional talent present throughout Nigeria.

The National Winners’ Award Ceremony itself was a vibrant celebration of intellectual achievement. Bakare Oluwasubomi and Aletan Oluwajuwonlo, the champions from Ijaiye Ojokoro Senior High School (Lagos) and Apostolic Faith Secondary School (Ibadan) respectively, stood proudly as they received their well-deserved prizes – a life-changing sum of 1 million Naira each, brand new laptops, and a collection of other valuable rewards. Their essays not only impressed the judges with their insightful analysis of online dangers but also proposed practical solutions to safeguard children in the digital age.

The ceremony extended its recognition beyond the top winners. Anoje Xavier and Elugbaju Iseoluwa, the first and second runners-up in the senior category, and Olowookere Anuoluwa and Gershom Somtochuhwu, the top contenders in the junior category, were also acknowledged for their outstanding work. All finalists received prizes that acknowledged their dedication and hard work.

But the true spirit of the CDEC extended beyond individual awards. Schools and states that nurtured these young talents were also celebrated. Lagos State emerged victorious with an impressive 19 winners in the top 50, a testament to their commitment to promoting technological literacy. Apostolic Faith Junior Secondary School and Loyola Jesuit College were lauded for their role in shaping the minds of the top winners in their respective categories. Each winning school received a windfall of 10 laptops, a valuable resource to further empower their students’ technological education.

The ceremony served as a platform for prominent figures to emphasize the importance of the CDEC initiative. Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, Group Chairman of SystemSpecs Holdings, delivered a powerful message about empowering future generations: “We have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to provide every Nigerian child, irrespective of creed, culture, or constituency, an opportunity to be exposed to the amazing world of technology and its transformative power.”

Deremi Atanda, Managing Director of Remita Payment Services Limited (RPSL), echoed this sentiment, highlighting the program’s role in building Nigeria’s technological capacity for the future. He emphasized SystemSpecs’ long-term commitment to nurturing a tech-savvy generation capable of driving innovation and excellence on the global stage.

Prof. Lawal Babatunde, a judge for the competition, provided a glimpse into the rigorous three-stage evaluation process that ensured fairness and identified Nigeria’s “young Tech Champions.” He explained that the judges were particularly impressed by the students’ ability to not just identify online dangers but also propose practical solutions, showcasing a deep understanding of the theme.

Bukola Adeboye, Group Head of Corporate Services at SystemSpecs, concluded the ceremony by reiterating the company’s dedication to cultivating future leaders through the CDEC and other strategic initiatives. “The 2024 edition marks another outstanding achievement for the CDEC,” she declared. “We are convinced that technological innovation can drive progress across all sectors of the economy. At SystemSpecs, we remain dedicated to promoting technological awareness among the next generation of change-makers through the CDEC initiative.”

The SystemSpecs Children’s Day Essay Competition is more than just an award ceremony; it’s a beacon of hope for a brighter future shaped by tech-savvy and innovative young minds. By fostering a culture of excellence and empowering the next generation, the CDEC is not only shaping Nigeria’s technological landscape but also laying the foundation for a thriving and prosperous Africa.

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