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Airtel Leads the Charge Against Plastic Pollution on World Environment Day

Airtel Leads the Charge Against Plastic Pollution on World Environment Day

In a clear demonstration of its environmental commitment, Airtel Nigeria emerged as a champion against plastic pollution on World Environment Day. The telecom giant not only educated its employees on tackling this global issue but also set in motion initiatives aimed at fostering wider community awareness and responsible practices.

On June 4th, 2024, Airtel Nigeria hosted an insightful session at its Lagos headquarters, specifically designed to equip employees with practical solutions for combating plastic waste. Leading the session was environmental scientist and advocate Dr. Eugene Itua. His presentation covered a wide range of topics, from the historical rise of plastic use to its detrimental effects on both the environment and human health. Dr. Itua placed particular emphasis on the growing threat of microplastics, tiny plastic particles resulting from the degradation of plastic items, which enter our bodies through food and drink, posing significant health risks.

Building on this knowledge base, Dr. Itua urged a paradigm shift. He advocated moving away from the traditional “take, use, and dispose” model towards a more sustainable approach centered on “reuse, recycle, reorient, and diversify,” a philosophy aligned with the principles of a circular economy. This shift is crucial for mitigating the pressing issue of plastic pollution, as highlighted by Carl Cruz, Chief Executive Officer at Airtel Nigeria. Mr. Cruz, represented by Director of Corporate Communications and CSR Femi Adeniran, emphasized the company’s belief in leading by example. He stressed the importance of plastic reduction, waste disposal, and recycling in achieving the goals outlined by the global theme for World Environment Day: “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience.”

Airtel Nigeria’s commitment extends far beyond employee education. The company has implemented a multi-pronged approach to tackle plastic waste. This includes strengthening internal policies to promote responsible plastic use within the organization, organizing clean-up initiatives and educational seminars, and launching internal sensitization campaigns that promote reusable alternatives and responsible disposal of plastic items. Additionally, Airtel Nigeria leverages the power of social media and SMS campaigns to educate its vast customer base about responsible plastic waste management practices.

The World Environment Day event serves as a microcosm of Airtel Nigeria’s broader dedication to fostering environmental awareness and sustainability. This dedication extends beyond its corporate culture and embraces the wider Nigerian community. Airtel Nigeria is set to commission a newly constructed facility for the Green Fingers Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization at the forefront of environmental protection and wildlife conservation. This collaborative effort further exemplifies Airtel Nigeria’s commitment to building a more sustainable future, not just for its employees and customers, but for the entire nation.

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