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AI-powered OPPO A93 Unveiled into Nigeria Market

AI-powered OPPO A93 Unveiled into Nigeria Market

OPPO on Friday launched the latest OPPO A93 in Nigeria. OPPO A93 introduces trendy technology that makes your style stand out with anUltra Sleek smartphone body.

This means that you’ll get cutting-edge AI portrait photography features packed into a truly premium design, along with functions that make life more efficient and can keep up with the pace of your lifestyle.

With the latest generation of OPPO A Series, OPPO A93lets you enjoy your life effortlessly.The A93 boasts of premium features such as a 6.43 Inch Dual Punch-HoleSuper AMOLED Screen, 108MP Ultra Clear Image, In-Display Fingerprint,8GB RAM + 128GB Storage (expandable up to 512GB), 7.48mm UltraSleek Design, 6 AI Portrait Cameras (Rear-48MP+8MP+2MP+2MP, Front-16MP+2MP), 4K Video Shooting with Video Stabilisation & Slo-mo options,4000 mAh Battery + 18w Fast Charge, MediaTek Helio P95 and mostimportantly, runs on ColorOS 7.2 based on the recent Android 10.“A-Series has been designed so that the trendsetting generation canattain a quality smartphone that suits both their life and personal style, and with a sleek design that you won’t be afraid to flaunt outdoors. saidNengi Akinola, Marketing Manager, OPPO Nigeria.

Designed based onresearch on local consumers, OPPO A93 ticks off all the right boxes for aphone that boasts AI cameras to deliver breathtaking portrait photos, andadvanced charging technology to ensure that your phone won’t hold yourlifestyle back. OPPO A93 meets the high expectations and the values thatour ambitious users hold dearly in both form and style.”

With OPPO A93 in-hand and show it to your circle of friends, as it’s beendesigned with a 7.48mm Ultra Sleek Body that easily slides into a pocketand jacket without the bulge, or tucks neatly into a small bag or clutchthat gives you the premium experience like no others. To ensure that users are fully immersed in their content, OPPO A93’s6.43’’ dual punch-hole display comes with a brilliant FHD+ SuperAMOLED Display with a large 90.7% screen-to-body ratio. Thedisplay uses Mini Dual-Punch Holes that boast this price segment’ssmallest camera diameter of only 3.7mm, and ensures that that thephone screen’s real estate is maximized so that you’re fully enjoying yourvideo game and can see every detail in your shot.

OPPO A93 also introduces Shiny Matte, which sees the return of theshimmers and brilliant streaks of light that users enjoyed with the last A-Series phone. But with OPPO A93, the design has been updated with notonly a premium feel that’s soft to the touch and easy on the eyes, but isnow also fingerprint resistant due to popular demand. Shiny Matte uses abrand new optical coating technique that increases the coating’s depthfrom 250 nanometers to 400 nanometers, which accentuates the light’srefraction, while enhancing the colors. OPPO A93 will come with the ShinyMatte texture in three colors.

Magic Blue, showcases a unique blend ofblue and purple colors that appear to reflect a new color with every angle.Matte Black is a color that screams prestige and is inspired by high-endautomobiles. Metallic White offers a refreshing white color that incertain angles will permeate shades of pink.Under the hood, OPPO A93 packs a camera powerhouse that’s designed togive you the skills to take pictures like a professional.


With a suite of six AIportrait cameras embedded within OPPO A93, you can post photos ofyourself to show the best you with easy-to-use portrait photography andvideo stabilization features.The front of the phone boasts a Dual Cam that empowers you to easilyflaunt beautiful selfie portraits that uses hardware-level processing to adda bokeh effect to your photo.

In fact, with Dual Lens Bokeh, you’reequipped not only to capture portrait selfie photographs, but the featurehas been upgraded to support both videos and multiple-people in theshot. With software-level AI processing, the finest of details on a personincluding their earrings and hair are accounted for and won’t end up beingblurred out in the final footage.

AI Portrait Color enables you to capture fashionable urban street stylephotos or travel photos from a new perspective by making portraits popwith color. AI Portrait Color mutes the background colors black and white,while enhancing the natural colors of the person or a group of peoplewithin the photo using AI.

In the vein of capturing you in your bestmoment, OPPO A93 comes with photography features that ensures thatyour natural beauty and all facial details are preserved in the final shot. AISuper Clear Portrait guarantees that even the finest facial details like your eyebrow are clearly represented, or can even be reconstructed, whileAI Beautification 2.0 presents customized beautification features thatare tailored to local user beauty preferences and automatically detectsexisting makeup such as lipstick, then show customized effects.

To empower you to capture the best low light portraits, AI Night FlarePortrait is an OPPO-exclusive feature that combines the bokeh effect andlowlight-HDR algorithms to capture artistic photos that adds beautifulnight flares on portrait photos shot against the backdrop of city lights. It’sa shot you won’t be able to capture with any other phone. if you’re lookingto capture a selfie in the evening, AI Super Night Portrait makes surethat your selfie results in a brightened and clear shot even in low lightconditions. On top of these features that will add a professional flair toyour photos, the third generation of Ultra Steady Video enables you toeffortlessly film a vlog while walking down the street but ensure thatyou’re capturing stabilized, clearer and sharper videos.

Ultra SteadyVideo use a hardware-software solution that combines the ElectronicImage Stabilization algorithm with an embedded gyroscope within thefront-facing camera so you’ll be able to capture the moment, on-the-go oreven on-the-run, without the jittery footage.OPPO A93 introduces ways to optimize your phone’s battery life duringthe day or while you’re asleep.

AI Night Charging uses AI Learning through machine learning to learn the user’s sleep habits and charge thephone exactly to 100% upon the moment they wake up from their slumber. In the worst-case scenario, if you’re without a battery chargerduring the day, Super Power Saving Mode optimizes the last 5% of your battery life by turning the display black and white, while running justsix predetermined apps.
OPPO A93’s optimized user experience starts with its powerful MediaTekHelio P95 AI chipset, 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage, whichcan be extended up to 512GB through a 3-Card Slot. But this is just the tipof the iceberg. OPPO A93’s Anti-Lag Algorithm can detect and cleardata that cause memory errors, making stutters and freezes less likely. Asan added benefit, reading and writing data in the file system becomesfaster and more efficient.

With improvements to the MemoryDefragmentation feature, the chance that the phone stutters is reducedby up to 54% as compared to the previous generation, while file readingand writing performance is improved by up to 28% thanks to AutomaticDatabase Optimization.Or if an interruption isn’t caused by a device but life’s circumstances like aphone call coming in when your fingers are caked with batter or drenchedin water, OPPO A93 has the perfect solution.


With Air Gestures you canpick up calls without directly touching the phone by simply waving yourhand as far as 20 cm or even 50 cm.At the same time with ColorOS 7.2 it’s fast and easy to access informationstarting with Quick Return Bubble enables you to multitask on yourphone. When you switch apps or screens, a floating bubble pops up andkeeps track of the app or game’s status, which you can return to at a latertime with a simple tap.

With High-bandwidth Digital ContentProtection (HDCP) you can even cast copyrighted HD shows to a bigscreen from the leading video and entertainment apps including NetflixHD and Amazon Prime Video.Market AvailabilityOPPO A93 is now available in all 36 states of Nigeria at N125,000 only andcan be purchased by visiting www.buyoppo.ng orhttps://www.jumia.com.ng/mlp-oppo-store/ or walking into any accrediteddealership.

The OPPO A93 comes in Magic Blue & Matte Black colours,with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which can be expanded tosupport up to 512GB through a 3-Card Slot. For more information, contact OPPO Nigeria’s PR Manager:joseph.adeola@oppo-aed.comAbout OPPOOPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since launching its firstsmartphone – “Smiley Face” – in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuitof the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology, Today,OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devicesspearheaded by the Find and Reno Series, ColorOS operating system, as
well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+.

OPPO operatesin more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4R&D centers worldwide and an international design center in London,OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating a betterlife for customers around the world.

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