Monday , October 18 2021

9Mobile Regains Subscribers Confidence, Deploys 4GLTE in Kano

In an effort to reposition itself while guaranteeing best-in-class experience for its customers, 9mobile has deployed 4GLTE service in Kano.

This is inline with the telecommunications company’s plan to cover the entire country within the next five years.

It is to be recall, Business Remarks reported that 9mobile plans to invest $220 million in 4G expansion in Nigeria.

The Acting Managing Director, Stephane Beuvelet who made this disclosure at a press conference last month emphasized that the telco has added 10 new cities and towns to its 4G network and upgraded LTE services in the existing six cities.

Commenting on the 4GLTE deployment, Abdulmutallib Muhammed, Director, Network Operations, 9mobile, said it demonstrated the telco’s commitment to continue offering superior quality services to its customers.

“We are leaders in the data space with our low latency rate for high-speed connectivity and planned redundancy to minimise downtime impact. Now, with the 9mobile 4GLTE, millions of our customers will be able to make clear and crisp calls as well as have access to faster internet for browsing and online experience at all times.

“It’s bye to buffering. Our data is one of the most affordable and best in terms of speed because quality service is our number one objective. We are enabling our customers to do more and get more,” he said.

Muhammed further highlighted the uniqueness of 9mobile’s 4G LTE, noting that it was born 4G-LTE ready and that customers don’t need a SIM swap to enjoy it.

“Our SIMs are already LTE enabled and apart from bringing 4G to these new cities, 9mobile 4G internet comes with one of the best speed levels in the market. We setup our network purposely with backup systems to ensure uninterrupted service. We do all these because we are a customer-centric brand that wants the best for our customers,” he said.

With this move, 9mobile has started to its lost subscribers’ confidence on its network.

Speaking at the 9mobile funfair train held at Ado Bayero Mall on Zoo Road, Kano, subscribers express their commitment to long term service usage.

The awareness campaign of the telco’s 4G-LTE aimed at bringing superior quality service closer to the people.

Winner of the star prize – a generator – Fatimah Bello, who could not contain her joy, exclaimed: “I feel so happy. It was a surprise. I started using 9mobile about five years ago, and I decided to attend the funfair when a friend told me about it. I just came to enjoy myself. I never thought I would win. I say a big thank you to 9mobile. I’m so happy.”

Winner of the refrigerator, Abdullahi Muhammed, also overwhelmed with joy, appreciated 9mobile for the gift. “I pray that 9mobile will continue to be successful. This is a very thoughtful gesture, and I’m not saying that because of this gift I just won. It’s because I have been a 9mobile subscriber for long and I know the quality of their network. It’s super,” he enthused.

Other lucky customers also went home with gifts like sewing machines, refrigerators, standing fans, generating sets, camp gases, electric kettles and many more in the raffle draws held during the funfair.

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9mobile has added 10 new cities and towns across Nigeria to its 4G network and upgraded LTE services in existing six towns, increasing the number of locations that now enjoy superior quality service with the mass deployment of 4G technology to 16.

The 4G LTE expansion drive will be implemented in Aba, Abuja, Nasarawa, Calabar, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Niger, Onitsha, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Uyo, Aba and Ogun.

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