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PPC Highlights Role of Renewable Sources in Nigeria’s Energy Mix

PPC Highlights Role of Renewable Sources in Nigeria’s Energy Mix

PPC Limited, Nigeria’s leading engineering and infrastructure development company, has highlighted the key role renewable energy sources play in Nigeria’s energy transition plan and the country’s energy mix.

With intensified efforts by the Nigerian government to reduce the economy’s dependence on fossil fuel by introducing new energy sources, the Head of Power Division at PPC, Engr Kelechi Onuigbo Ph.D., says the transition to clean energy will bring immense economic and climate benefits to Nigeria and the African continent at large.

Commenting on the potential of renewable energy sources in Nigeria, he emphasized that the adoption of clean energy will accelerate the attainment of net zero emission while boosting revenue, promoting energy security and the overall quality of life of Nigerians.

The Nigerian government has expressed commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, ending energy poverty, lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty, driving economic growth, and ensuring universal access to modern energy services.

With the right investment in renewable energy, Onuigbo said Africa’s biggest economy could transition seamlessly from its over-reliance on crude oil to solar, natural gas or wind.

He added that the deployment of renewable energy for electricity generation, transportation, agriculture and for industrial energy consumption will help the country meets its target of reducing greenhouse gases by 20% unconditionally, and 47% conditionally by the year 2030.

Engr. Onuigbo said, “As Nigeria’s energy needs continue to grow, renewable sources of energy can play a pivotal role in meeting the country’s energy needs. We must collaborate with the government and other stakeholders to ensure that we have the right mix of energy sources. Renewable energy is a key component of this mix, and it is important that we make the right investments at this time.”

“With the electricity demand expected to increase in the coming years, there is need for rapid expansion of renewable electricity infrastructure such as solar farms, solar tracking and monitoring systems as well as with energy storage systems.”

According to him, solar energy affords functional versatility and can be used for a variety of purposes, including powering electric vehicles as well as powering heating and cooling systems for buildings.

He added that solar energy has been proven to produce significantly higher cost savings in comparison to conventional energy sources. He also noted that the widespread availability of sunshine in the country is a great energy resource.

PPC is a market leader in the procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of renewable infrastructure. With a track record spanning over 25 years, PPC has assisted a diversified portfolio of companies across diverse industries to develop hybrid renewable energy systems to power their operations.

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