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NCC Sets New Date for Mafab Communications 5G Roll Out

NCC Sets New Date for Mafab Communications 5G Roll Out

…Extends Deadline to Januray 2023

Following the delay in receiving its Unified Access Service Licence and Numbering plan, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has given Mafab Communications a new timeline for the rolling out of the fifth generation (5G) networks in the country.

In line with the conditions of the 5G licence, the licencees were expected to commence rollout of 5G services effective from August 24, 2022.

However, the Nigerian telecommunications regulator has issued a five-month extension the telco, thus bringing the new date to Januray 2023.

Mafab Communications is one of the two telecommunication firms that won the 5G spectrum licences in December 2021.

Report noted that the telecom company was granted its Unified Access Dervice Licence and Numbering plan towards the end of July.

In a press statement issued by Mafab Communications, Dr. Mushabu Bashir, chairman, Mafab Communications Limited, said: “we are fully committed to bringing the benefits of 5G services to Nigerians and deploying a network that will drive economic development with increased broadband capabilities nationwide.

“I have no doubt that the service will help deliver improvements in the fields of education, business, smart cities and entertainment. The goal remains to launch before the five-month extension period and we will be sharing more information in the near future.”

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The 5G will offer Nigerians higher data speed, improved reliability and availability.

The benefits are far reaching as the service will enable Nigerians to achieve more with broadband and increase the nation’s broadband penetration, quality of service and capabilities.

Mafab Communications Limited is a telecommunication company incorporated on July 8, 2020, and licensed by the NCC to provide and operate Local Interconnect and International carrier services.

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