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LG Soundbar, XBOOM Offer Premium Audio with Sustainable Designs

LG Soundbar, XBOOM Offer Premium Audio with Sustainable Designs

LG Electronics (LG) has introduced an expanded lineup of audio products to appeal to a wide range of consumers from avid audiophiles to casual listeners who prioritize portability and versatility. LG’s newest audio devices implement emerging technologies to maximize synergy with LG’s premium TVs and to broaden the possibilities of where consumers can take their favorite music.

This lineup placed on LG Audio Visual Integrated Rack displayed in LG Showrooms across some states of the federation comprises of three major sections – Party, Home Cinema and Mobility. The Party Audio display includes – ON series 9, 7, 5 & 2D – all XBOOM Speakers. The Soundbar models – SNH5, SN5, SJ3, SJ2, SP9, SPD7 and QP5 comes under the Home Cinema while the Mobility Audio consist of LG XBOOM 360, XBOOM Go Speakers such as PL 7 & 5 and Tone Free Earbud. See LG TV/Audio/Video Systems | LG Africa for more information on Audio products.


The XBOOM name has always stood for powerful sound in a festive environment. XBOOM audio all-in-one products consist of ON series 9, 7, 5 & 2D. The All-in-One for Bold Party Sound, a Super Bass Boost, and other fun features deliver big, powerful beats that take the party atmosphere up a notch. With the Multi Color Lighting, you light up the dance floor. The Colorful LED lights vary and change with the rhythm of the beat to add more excitement to your parties. Other features of this XBOOM ON Models include Multi Bluetooth & XBOOM App which allows Share Playlists on One App All you need do is to Pair three devices at the same time via the XBOOM App. Use any of the connected devices to seamlessly control a playlist with no interruption to music. Get it on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Feel the Excitement of a Live Performance by connecting the ON9 to your LG TV via optical cable or Bluetooth® to experience more impressive, room-filling sound.

HOME CINEMA – Next Dimension of TV Soundbars

LG Soundbar lineup, with new models delivering a more premium audio experience, versatility and convenient control while upping the ante with eco-consciousness designs and packaging. The new lineup offers high-quality audio, easy connectivity, smart functionality and stylish aesthetics with a modern look that are designed to complement LG’s stunning TVs and works well with any décor.

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LG’s SP9, SPD7 & QP5 soundbar harnesses the power of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X for dynamic three-dimensional audio. With Dolby Vision compatibility via 4K pass-through, the new models ensure the level of picture and sound quality needed for genuinely cinematic home viewing. LG’s soundbars also combine up-firing front height channels with wireless rear up-firing height channels to envelop users in lush, textured sound.

Many of the new models are Hi-Res Audio certified, insuring lossless playback at 24bit/96kHz with all the vibrancy and nuance of the original studio recording. Upgraded user convenience and easy connectivity are built into these LG Soundbar lineups with HDMI eARC support enabling a higher bitrate, high resolution content and uncompressed Dolby Atmos® audio with just one cable, while USB playback and Bluetooth streaming offer more convenient ways for users to enjoy their favorite audio content on the latest models.

While the importance of home entertainment has grown in the era of social distancing, so has concern for the environment and consumer support for companies and products that demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability. From production processes to the materials and packaging used, LG’s latest soundbars are designed with the health of the planet in mind.

In its effort toward a sustainable future, LG is taking a more eco-minded approach to product development, packaging and shipping of its 2021 soundbars, designing the first audio products in the industry to receive SGS Eco-Product certification.

Other models include the SNH5, SN5, SJ3 & SJ2 which supports DTS Virtual:X. The LG Sound Bar uses DTS Virtual:X to transform your home into a cinema, for the most immersive viewing of all your favourite movies.


LG portable Mobile systems – LG XBOOM 360, PL Series and Tone Free Earbud makes up this category. The addition of XBOOM Go (models PK5/PK7) allows even more music lovers to enjoy the benefits of LG’s audio expertise. XBOOM Go embraces the brand’s heritage of powerful sound and party fun and is designed to captivate listeners with both unmatched quality and user convenience. With Meridian’s advanced audio technology, XBOOM Go speakers deliver clear treble and enhanced bass as well as exceptionally powerful, accurate sound despite their compact size.

And XBOOM Go is the first wireless speaker to support aptX™ HD from Qualcomm for superb lossless 24bit/576kbps hi-res streaming audio that satisfies highly demanding audiophiles sensitive to loss of fidelity through Bluetooth. LG was the first company to include aptX HD in a smartphone with the G5 and the advanced audio technology is found even today in the LG G7 ThinQ. The XBOOM Go models also feature multicolor mood lighting as well as Grab-N-Go and X-grip handles for ultimate portability and stability. Long battery life and resistance to the elements such as water makes XBOOM Go speakers perfect for outdoor activities.

LG TONE Free true wireless earbuds (model HBS-FN4), delivers an exceptional listening experience with lifelike audio thanks to Meridian Audio technology.  The Earbud delivers an extra dimension courtesy of HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing) technology from Meridian – LG’s long-standing audio partner in delivering superior sound – powered by Digital Signal Processing, a technology that Meridian has been perfecting for over 25 years. DSP not only recreates a realistic soundstage that simulates the experience of listening to real loudspeakers, it also delivers vocals with pristine clarity, completely immersing the listener.

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