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LG Electronics Showcases Dual Inverter, Energy Saving Air Conditioners in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt

LG Electronics Showcases Dual Inverter, Energy Saving Air Conditioners in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt

  …Says, With Gencool, Artcool, Dualcool Premium ACs, Nothing Compares

Cultivating an eco-friendly home has been on the rise among younger and more environmentally minded people as they step into home ownership. This growing trend demonstrates the need for home products to evolve, using cleaner energy, operate with increased efficiency, and work towards enhancing daily life. With greater emphasis on the creation of energy-efficient technology for the home, LG Electronics (LG) is taking the initiative to help consumers strive towards creating and maintaining a greener lifestyle.

LG provides an array of highly efficient home appliances, each featuring innovative energy saving technologies which makes cleaning faster and easier than ever believed possible. With LG’s commitment to the sustainable development goals,  consumers can see the evidence in every one of LG’s core technologies. Starting with a selection of premium air-care solutions that feature intuitive, responsive designs so users can spend wisely and be more productive.

For everyone to have a feel about innovative technology and firsthand experience of the product, LG has commenced with a 7-day, three cities exhibition show displaying its Gencool, Artcool, Floor Standing and Dualcool Premium Air Conditioners.

Commenting on the company’s performance at the on-going exhibition, General Manager, Air Solutions Division, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Joonkyu Song, said, “We are proud to showcase our Air Conditioners to the major cities in Nigeria, and as it is clearly observed, LG Electronics displays its array of unbeatable innovative products, which have stood out from time immemorial. The concept of this whole idea is a laudable one and must be commended.” 

“We are rounding off at the Ikeja City Mall, which has really impacted on sales and the will power of the consumers who believe in innovation and the features of the product. Our next point of call would be Abuja (Aminu Kano Showroom) and then finally Port Harcourt (NTA Showroom) in the month of August, he said.’’

To find the right air solutions for your home needs, please visit: Air Conditioners & Air Conditioning Systems | LG Africa

Air Conditioners & Air Conditioning Systems | LG Africa

Be in comfort with LG’s range of air conditioning systems for your home. Enjoy your home with a window or portab…

Dualcool Premium Air Conditioner

LG DUALCOOL Premium Air Conditioner, which comes in Rose Gold and White Colour, is an art of technology inspired by a form of a round pillar that sends an optimal wind to anywhere. It also has two short-haul and long-distance runners inside the air conditioner to operate in the most optimal way in each section to save energy through the help of the AI Dual Inverter.

The LG Air Purifying System built into DUALCOOL removes microparticles or particulate matter (PM), through a three-step process employing the PM1.0 Sensor, Ion Diffuser and Micro Dust Filter. First, the sensor detects dust particles up to PM1.0 in size along with other harmful airborne matter. Next, the Ion Diffuser generates over five million negative ions that attach to the particles. And finally, the positively charged Micro Dust filter easily filters out tiny, negatively charged micro particles including viruses and bacteria. Using the principle of electrostatic charge, LG’s system also filters out a minute, inhalable particles (up to PM0.3) that can cause respiratory disease.

Providing essential information at-a-glance, the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Display shows current conditions and air purification progress via icons that change color to reflect the cleanliness of the surrounding air. Located on DUALCOOL’s front panel, the simple, colorful display indicates indoor air quality in real time, whether it is purifying the air or not.

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With all of its purification features, it’s easy to forget that LG DUALCOOL is a high-performance air conditioner that cools more effectively and efficiently than the competing products. Equipped with LG’s advanced DUAL Inverter Compressor, DUALCOOL saves more energy and cools faster than a conventional model. Meanwhile, the Comfort Air mode helps users feel more relaxed and protects their health by adjusting the vane to the optimal angle, preventing airflow from blowing directly at them and causing a sudden drop in body temperature.

With LG ThinQ, users can operate the air conditioner, change the mode or set the temperature from anywhere. The LG ThinQ app can be downloaded on the smartphone from Google Play Store by Android mobile phone users or app store by iPhone users.

 Split Unit Air Conditioner

 LG air conditioning systems are more environmentally friendly than conventional models, with advanced features and thoughtful designs that will help users feel more comfortable while at home. The revolutionary DUAL Inverter Compressor technology inside LG’s DUALCOOL & ARTCOOL air conditioners constantly adjusts speed to maintain perfect temperatures without wasting electricity. Compressors for typical air conditioners turn off and on in order to adjust temperature, consuming a great deal of energy. LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor constantly not only maintains desired temperature levels, but thanks to its minimal fluctuation, also saves energy and ensures greater cooling comfort. The compressor reduces electricity usage to up to 60 percent, while also cooling rooms 40 percent faster than conventional air conditioner models.

The LG GEN COOL Air Conditioner comes with the GEN Mode which allows for selecting the level of cooling performance you want with the use of a small capacity generator in areas where the electric supply is insufficient, eliminating the need for a large generator. So with the AC’s GEN Mode feature, you can minimize startup electric requirements.

Embedded with Wi-Fi technology, users can now remotely control the LG ArtCool Air Conditioners using the LG SmartThinQ app on their Android or iOS smartphones. With this function, homeowners can turn on the air conditioners through the app, set the temperature to a comfortable, cool home. The app also comes with control and monitor, smart diagnosis and filter manager functions.

Another salient feature of the LG ArtCool Air Conditioners is the Plasmaster Ionizer+. The ionizer plus emits over three million ions to sterilize aerial bacteria and harmful substances, while the plasmaster removes microscopic contaminants to supply fresh air. This in turn results in improved indoor air quality that is 99.9 percent cleaner.

Each ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner operates at a low-noise level of 19 dB, thanks to its unique skew fan and BLDC fan motor. The skew fan comes with a 15-degree tilted stabilizer. By minimizing the surface pressure of the fan blade when in contact with the air peak, noise is reduced drastically. With strong torque and powerful neodymium magnetism as well as precise speed control of 13 different steps for smooth operation, the BLDC motor provides substantial air volume and high static pressure, all the while keeping electrical and mechanical noise to a minimum and making high-speed operation possible.

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