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How Chicken Republic Goofed Up Marketing in the Viral Dancing Doormen

How Chicken Republic Goofed Up Marketing in the Viral Dancing Doormen

The advent of social media has created many avenues for brands and businesses to directly push themselves to the face of the consumer, thereby breaking the barrier of middlemen. With a click on social media, they can reach a large number of their potential consumer through memes, shares, comments etc.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok have become catalysts for the virality of content as TikTok leads the train.

What is Viral Marketing?

According to Investopedia, Viral marketing is a sales technique that involves organic or word-of-mouth information about a product or service to spread at an ever-increasing rate.

When proactive brands spot a trend, they look at the scenario and turn it to their favour thereby gaining from the trends they didn’t initially create.

A few months ago, popular Nigerian artiste, David Adeleke, Davido created a buzz on the internet when he asked his friends to donate 1 million naira to him towards his birthday and to show how he has impacted them. The singer drew the attention of WEMA Bank to himself by creating with them a new bank account and in less than 24 hours he received over 174 million naira donations. The bank used the opportunity to jump on the trend and made the singer an ambassador for the bank.

While some brands recognize this concept of virality and jump on the right trends, a Nigerian fast-food company, Chicken Republic which could have used the strategy to draw more attention to itself goofed recently with the sack of two of its doormen spotted dancing in a viral video.

The two doormen could be seen dancing to the popular “ You want to Bamba” song while on duty though entertaining to the customers, however, Chicken Republic seems not pleased with their action, hence, the unceremonious exit of the staff

A twitter user (@___communicator says ‘’ These guys appear to be happy at what they do atst entertaining customers… Unfortunately, Chicken Republic sacked them for this Its

After the post, many people took to social media to express their opinions over the action of the management of Chicken Republic on the sack of the staff. While some were in support of the action, others blamed the organisation for not being able to seize the opportunity to talk about their brand.

In this present Nigeria where people are facing many difficulties and hardships, where foodstuff is on the increase, fuel scarcity biting hard and the economic situation is not favourable to ordinary citizens, people are still trying to find ways to be happy even in their situations. While some workers are underpaid and some are unpaid for months, they still find ways to cheer themselves up.

Though every organisation has its modus operandi, way of doing business and rules of engagement, for Chicken Republic to have sacked the doormen instead of seizing the opportunity to build virality is going overboard.

According to Professor Chris Ogbechie, Professor of Strategic Management, Lagos Business School, “in today’s marketing world, the key issue is to create emotional brand attachment in all our marketing communications, therefore, brands need to actively cultivate relationships with customers”.

A restaurant is a place of enjoyment and fun, most restaurants play music which Chicken Republic also does to entertain its customer. If Chicken Republic had used the opportunity, they could have changed the narrative and come up with creative campaign such as ‘’Chicken Republic Do Not Just Feed, We Entertain’’ ‘’Enjoy Your Chicken, Enjoy Happiness’’ etc. this could have been a catalyst for the brand to get more attention, using the two dancers as the face of the promotion.

We have seen dancing traffic officers in Lagos and other part of Nigeria, doing their jobs with happiness and getting favour from government and even private individuals.

In 2021, Audu Selbol, a traffic warden in Abuja known for dancing while controlling traffic in Abuja was rewarded by a group of concerned Nigerian under the aegis of Team Ramatu with gifts for putting smiles on the faces of people on the road.

According to them, the ever-smiling and dancing traffic officer always put smiles on their faces and made them forget their stress with his unique and funny dance steps and a constant smiling face.

Nigerians await to see the dancing doormen take the visibility they have gotten to launch themselves into media, even as Chicken Republic failed to recognise a free marketing campaign under their roof.

More findings from Business Remarks revealed that the trending video has landed the two ex- security men some help as a Canada based man called Emma Duru has offered to place these happy boys on salaries for months and get them new jobs.

Moreso, the Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Media, Ossai Ovie Success, also says he has a job for them at Delta First Media and urged people to help him get their contact.

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