Wednesday , September 28 2022
Heirs Life Roll Out Annuity Plan for Pensioners

Heirs Life Roll Out Annuity Plan for Pensioners

Heirs Life Assurance (HLA) has rolled out an awareness campaign for its pension-regulated annuity plan. The life underwriter said that the plan was for people to retire without financial worries as the plan would pay policyholders a guaranteed sum for life.

Lagos State Government, last year, announced the firm as one of the few life insurance companies providing an annuity plan to its pensioners.
Since then, the company has partnered with several organisations to provide the annuity plan to their employees.

The Managing Director, Niyi Onifade, said partnerships are a testament to the confidence regulators and other partners have in the company’s capacity to fulfill its promises and its consistent delivery of excellent services.

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“Pensioners have every reason to live life confidently as the annuity plan takes care of the worries of retirement, specifically, the uncertainty of the future. We are delighted to provide an annuity to pensioners in Nigeria. We consider this as a big win because it is an indication that our customers, regulators and government agencies are confident in our promise of excellent service.”

Speaking on the campaign, the Chief Marketing Officer, Ifesinachi Okpagu, identified awareness as an important step to getting more retirees signed up for the plan.

“Everyone needs to understand the options open to them as they build their retirement plan. Hence, our campaign ‘The Fun Begins at Retirement” addresses the option of planning a wholesome retirement with the benefit of the Heirs Annuity Plan,” she said.

Heirs Annuity Plan pays retirees a fixed amount, monthly or quarterly, for as long as the annuitant lives. This way, the individual is assured of a fulfilled life after retirement.

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