Tuesday , October 3 2023
Emefiele Woos Foreign Investors for Nigeria

Emefiele Woos Foreign Investors for Nigeria

Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele has invited foreign investors to consider Nigeria and other countries in Africa as their choice investment destination, noting that business confidence in the continent is on the rise.

He said this during the EuroKnowledge award conferred on him by FIN Banking on Emerging Markets Forum on the sidelines of the ongoing International Monetary Fund/World Bank Annual Meetings in Washington.

Specifically, he listed countries that investors should consider to include Nigeria, Angola, South Africa and Egypt.

“Today, we talk about the frontier market and what I keep telling people is that as you continue thinking about growth opportunities in the world and you are looking at Africa, naturally you will have to think about some of the big economies in Africa.

“Nigeria, Angola, South Africa and Egypt are economies that you would need to think about. And I dare say these economies hold a lot of strong opportunities with opportunities for high yields and profitable projects and I can only seize this opportunity to encourage our friends in the foreign investment community to continue to take a look at Africa. Africa yearns for growth and development.

“We cannot do this alone; we will continue to need the support of the rest of the world. But I can assure all of us that as you do this, the opportunities are there and you will not regret taking the opportunities.

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“The opportunities are there, I can only continue to say let’s give the support to Africa let’s give the support to Nigeria. We should all continue to work together for the growth, not just for our individual countries but for Africa as a whole,” the CBN governor added.

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